Are ‘Shahs of Sunset’ Shervin Roohparvar And Annalise Carbone Still Dating? Shervin Gives Update

Are Shervin Roohparvar and Annalise Carbone still dating? On Shahs of Sunset season 6, Shervin’s relationship with Annalise was a major story line. Annalise, a model from Australia, was set to move to Los Angeles to be with Shervin. Yet some of Shervin’s co-stars questioned Shervin’s commitment and loyalty to Annalise. Annalise, however, dismissed the rumors of Shervin being unfaithful to her and didn’t let it bother her, much to the chagrin of some of the Shahs. “That’s my girl!” Shervin said in regards to Annalise sticking by him.

On the premiere of Shahs of Sunset season 7, which aired on Thursday night, not much was said of Shervin’s relationship with Annalise. Shervin is also not a starring cast member this season. So will viewers ever get an answer regarding what happened between Shervin and Annalise?

Thankfully, Shervin did an interview with Brandi Glanville for Brandi’s Unfiltered podcast last moth, during which he provided an update on his relationship. Unfortunately for fans of the couple, Shervin confirmed that they’re now just friends. He said that they took a step back but are still friends.

“Yes I was dating an Australian girl…We’re friends. We still stay in contact but, you know, we’ve kind of taken a little step back.”

Shervin added that it’s difficult to date long distance. It seems that Annalise’s plans to move in with Shervin in Los Angeles never came to be.

“It’s difficult. I mean how are you gonna do that from across the world?”

When Brandi commented that it didn’t make sense to her how the other Shahs were bothered by Shervin and Annalise’s open relationship, Shervin agreed.

“I mean it’s still kind of taboo to be like, ‘Oh I’m in an open relationship’ right? But at the same time that’s reality right?”

So has Shervin Roohparvar moved on from Annalise Carbone to someone else? He confirmed later on in the podcast that he’s dating but has yet to find someone that he wants to be committed to, much less marry. He did say, however, that he wants to have children soon and doesn’t think that marriage is a necessity for that nowadays.



Mercedes ‘MJ’ Javid On Mike Shouhed’s Ex Jessica Parido: Viewers Will See Some ‘Jessica Stuff’ On ‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Season 7

Will Jessica Parido make an appearance on Shahs of Sunset season 7? During Reza Farahan and Mercedes “MJ” Javid’s appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live on Thursday night, after the premiere of Shahs of Sunset season 7, MJ teased that viewers will either see or hear about Mike Shouhed’s ex as the season progresses.

During the after show portion of the talk show, a caller asked Mike and Reza when was the last time they heard from Jessica. Jessica’s last appearance on the show was back in season 5 when she told Mike that she would never get back with Mike after discovering that he had cheated on her during their very short marriage with multiple women.

“Well you’re gonna see some Jessica stuff, right, during the season, so stay tuned for that.”

Considering that Jessica never made an appearance on season 6 and isn’t friends with either her ex or any of his co-stars, it seems safe to say that what MJ meant was that viewers will see flashbacks of Jessica, as they did in season 6, while Mike discusses his failed relationship with Jessica.

The premiere episode of season 7 showed Mike bringing a date, Mona, to a group vacation but then deciding that they weren’t right for one another.

Like Mike Shouhed, it also seems that Jessica Parido is currently single. When last season aired, Jessica flaunted on social media her relationship with celebrity jeweler Greg Yuna. Now, however, Greg, also known as Mr. Flawless, is nowhere to be found on Jessica’s Instagram page.



Hannah Ferrier Confirms Whether She And Conrad Empson Are Still Together

Are Below Deck Mediterranean stars Hannah Ferrier and Conrad Empson still together? The two struck an unlikely romance early on while filming season 3 but the latest episode showed them breaking up after arguing over 50 euros.

During a night out in town, Hannah became furious after Conrad reminded her about 50 euros that she owed him for cigarettes. Hannah obviously doesn’t believe that a man should ask his girlfriend or even someone he’s just dating to pay him back 50 euros for cigarettes. Yet Conrad didn’t understand why Hannah was so mad and thought that she was overreacting. Hannah bragged about all the things rich men have bought for her in the past and basically admitted that she’s with rich men sometimes for the lifestyle they can provide her. Put off by her behavior, Conrad promptly dumped her. Yet in the preview for next week’s episode, Conrad is shown asking Hannah if they can reconcile, to which Hannah admits that she’s not sure they can.

After the airing of the latest episode on Tuesday night, Hannah appeared on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live alongside co-stars Kasey Cohen and Jamie Jason. During the after show portion, Hannah revealed whether she and Conrad are still together. A viewer called in and asked Hannah, Kasey and Jamie if any of them are currently in a serious relationship. After some hesitation, Hannah admitted that she’s not.

“No,” she said.

Kasey also said that she’s not while Jamie smilingly revealed that, unlike her two co-stars sitting besides her, she was.

Hannah didn’t criticize Conrad for the end of their relationship however. Earlier in the show, she outright admitted that she overreacted to Conrad asking her for the 50 euros.

“I one hundred percent overreacted.”
Hannah went on to admit that she took out her stress and anxiety on Conrad.
“I think sometimes when you’re going through stress, anxiety, and things like that you tend to take it out on the person that’s closest to you.”
While Conrad was smitten with Hannah, he isn’t sad over the split. In an interview with Bravo, Conrad gave his assessment of what happened with Hannah.
“In my eyes, I’d never choose money over happiness ever, and for the way she reacted to that, I’d say her priorities are completely different to mine…In my eyes, if you owe someone money, you owe them money, no matter if you’re girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever, everything is equal and should be split. She had a different opinion on that one…I get it if you’re getting a gift for someone but it was the arrangement from the outset that I would buy it for her and she would give me the money back. I’m not tight at all, but if you say something you’re gonna do it.”
As for Hannah basically admitting that she’s sometimes with men because of their money, Conrad had this to say:
“The fact that she completely put it out there that she is with guys for their money sometimes, shocked me. And the fact that she had the bollocks to say it out loud, was pretty impressive to say the least. I’ve got my own set of morals, I don’t know about anyone else, but it kind of shocked me.”
Will Conrad Empson and Hannah Ferrier have another big blowup when they gather to film the Below Deck Mediterranean season 3 reunion show? Or will they keep it civil? What do you think?

Landon Clements On Ashley Jacobs Reminding Kathryn Dennis That Her Kids Were Taken Away: “It Was True!”

If Landon Clements was still on Southern Charm, Ashley Jacobs might have had an ally sticking up for her a bit on the season 5 reunion show. That’s because Landon’s friendly with Ashley and actually witnessed her relationship with Thomas Ravenel begin. A few days ago, Landon did an interview with Heather McDonald for Heather’s Juicy Scoop podcast. During the podcast, Landon explained how she met Ashley, her thoughts on Ashley and Ashley’s relationship with Thomas, and what she really thinks of how Ashley spoke to Kathryn Dennis while filming the season.

Landon said that she met Ashley last summer in Santa Barbara during a polo match the day after Thomas met her at a bar. Landon, who now lives in Malibu, explained that Thomas at that time was living in Santa Barbara, where Ashley is from, for a few months. While Ashley is now a widely hated figure thanks to the show, Landon defended her.

“She’s always been so nice to me and I don’t have anything bad to say.”

Asked whether she thinks Ashley was a super fan of the show and knowingly targeted Thomas when she saw him at the bar, Landon hesitantly admitted that it was a possibility. “Possibly,” she said.

Asked whether she has kept in touch with Ashley since she moved to Charleston to be with Thomas, Landon revealed that while hasn’t had much contact with Ashley, her sister does.

“A little bit. Not so much. My sister does her hair, so I know she vents to my sister a lot, in Charleston, so my sister has a salon.”

As for Ashley’s relationship with Thomas today, Landon confirmed that they’re still together and seem to be happy.

“Yeah, yeah. I mean…I think they’re very happy.”

When Heather asked Landon for her thoughts on what went on this past season between Ashley and Kathryn, Landon said that she didn’t watch much of the season.

“You know I haven’t watched the show. The only episode I watched was the last one, which was the ball, I don’t have a TV…”

Heather quickly brought up how Ashley screamed at Kathryn during the ball, going so far as reminding her that her kids were taken away from her. Landon, in defense of Ashley, pointed out what Ashley said was true and that Kathryn herself wasn’t always a saint.

“I mean it was true! I mean I don’t think it was a nice thing to say but these things did happen. You know what I mean? I think everyone’s just like forgotten that Kathryn ever did anything crazy, which is, that’s great, you should let people have a second chance at life and behaviors, and when there’s drugs involved and small children, but everything, everything that was said was true.”

Safe to say, Landon and Kathryn never reconciled and became friends. Yet Landon did say that when she recently ran into Kathryn during one of Andy Cohen’s shows out in Los Angeles, they said hi and were cordial to one another. Landon also said that she keeps in touch with the entire cast, with the exception of Kathryn.

If Ashley Jacobs continues on with Thomas Ravenel and Southern Charm, she will surely need a female friend to film with from time to time. Perhaps that friend will be Landon Clements?

Joao Franco On Being With Brooke Laughton

On the latest Below Deck Mediterranean episodes, Joao Franco seemed to finally make up his mind between Brooke Laughton and Kasey Cohen, deciding to go with Brooke instead of Kasey. On Tuesday night, Joao and his co-star Colin Macy-O’Toole appeared on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live. Not surprisingly, the love triangle between Joao, Brooke and Kasey was a big topic of discussion, as was Colin’s unrequited love for  Brooke.
When Andy asked Joao what made him choose Brooke over Kasey, Joao initially blurted out that he still doesn’t know what attracted him to Brooke over Kasey.
“I don’t know. I still don’t know.”
Gee, that wasn’t exactly a love declaration for Brooke now was it? Even Andy was surprised. “Really?” he asked shockingly.
Joao, realizing his mistake, then elaborated that he always wanted to be with someone serious and so when Brooke opened up to him, he made up his mind.
“It got to a point where as soon as Brooke opened up… I always had in my mind that I want to be with someone serious if I were to be with anyone and when Brooke opened up eventually, that was my mind made.”

As for why Colin didn’t speak up to Brooke regarding his feelings for her, Colin admitted that he didn’t think there was much potential for a real relationship in real life.

“I don’t know. I think I was too…I can’t even keep a relationship with a girl the next town over from me. She lives in England, so how was that going to work out? Just thinking long term.”

When Andy asked Colin if he thinks he would have won out over Joao if he had actually told Brooke his feelings for her, Colin pretty much said that she would have gone for any man who paid her any attention.

“I don’t know because I think a pencil could have said something to her and she would have dated that pencil.”

Are Joao and Brooke still together?
About two weeks ago, in response to a Below Deck Mediterranean viewer who had left a comment on one of his photos saying that Brooke looked great in her swimsuit in the latest episode and that she’s Team Brooke, Joao replied that he’s always Team Brooke.
“lizlegene: Brooke rocked that one-piece; Classy ♥️⭐️ #teambrooke”
“joaograntfranco: @lizlegene always #teambrooke 😉”
In the comments of another photo he posted, promoting his and Colin’s WWHL appearance, Joao said that Brooke couldn’t come to support him at his WWHL appearance because of work.
“joaograntfranco: @napolitanovielot brooke’s working and so is my brother otherwise they would have come:( my sister is in school:/ tough being so far away from everyone”
While it’s unclear whether Joao Franco and Brooke Laughton are still in a relationship together, it’s clear that they still have affection for one another. When Brooke posted a photo of herself about a week ago, Joao, who frequently comments on Brooke’s photos, left a comment calling her the most beautiful princess.
“joaograntfranco: The most beautiful Princess 👑❤️”

Caroline Stanbury On Why She And ‘Ladies Of London’ Cast Are Staying Silent On Annabelle Neilson’s Death


On Monday came the shocking news that Ladies of London star Annabelle Neilson had died. Immediately, fans of the Bravo show, which wasn’t renewed after season 3, took to social media to see the reactions of Annabelle’s former co-stars regarding her death and to express their condolences. Oddly, none of Annabelle’s co-stars immediately posted a public statement regarding her death.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t care though. After receiving some questions and criticisms, Caroline Stanbury explained why she and the other Ladies of London women, Julie Montagu, Juliet Angus, Caroline Fleming, Marrissa Hermer, and Sophie Stanbury, have so far stayed silent on the tragedy.

In the comments of the latest photo she posted, Caroline revealed that she and the other women are respecting Annabelle’s family’s wish that they remain silent.

“sushigirl07: Wow none of the LOL posted anything about Annabelle? #fairweatheredfriend”
“carolinestanbury: @sushigirl07 they are a private family and we respect their wishes thank you”
“glamlifedolls: @acbrent she don’t seem to care rather post stories from some random airplane and airport……”
“carolinestanbury: @glamlifedolls again this is a private time for her family and not for social media”
“madtax57: Nothing about Annabelle. So self centered. So sad.”
“carolinestanbury: @madtax57 again we are all respecting the wishes of her family thank you”
Caroline thanked those who defended her and her co-stars.
“david212nyc: So sorry for your loss, and it is just a shame that you & your circle of friends are being attacked for being respectful. You are a true friend, and showing your friendship in this moment.💐”
“carolinestanbury:@david212nyc thank you 😘”
“jessicaelize_x: Disgusted people have the audacity to comment on why haven’t you posted. Social media isn’t life.”
“carolinestanbury@jessicaelize_x 😘”
One very famous person, though, has reacted publicly to Annabelle’s death. Model Kate Moss, whom Annabelle described as one of her best friends and like a sister to her, posted a throwback photo of her and Annabelle, with a broken heart emoji as the caption.


A post shared by Kate Moss Agency (@katemossagency) on

How did the 49-year-old Annabelle Neilson die? On Wednesday, Annabelle’s sister said that the family has been told that she died from a heart attack. Annabelle’s sister also asked for privacy.

“Very sadly, we have been informed today that my sister Annabelle, died as a result of a heart attack at home last Thursday. It has come as a complete shock, as she had many plans having recently returned from Spain. My parents and I are devastated and shocked by this news. We would ask the media to respect the privacy of our family and Annabelle’s close friends during this very difficult time. We will not be making any further statement at this time. We thank you for your consideration.”

By Wednesday evening, most of Annabelle’s Ladies of London co-stars had posted a tribute to her on their Instagram pages. Check here for a roundup of their tributes. Interestingly, Julie Montagu, whose previously close friendship with Annabelle deteriorated by the end of season 2, has yet to publicly comment on Annabelle’s death, though she did just put up a post about really needing a hug for personal reasons.


Ashley Jacobs Claps At Getting The Reaction That She Wanted Out Of Kathryn Dennis

The Southern Charm season 5 finale episode ended on Thursday night with Ashley Jacobs and Kathryn Dennis hurling expletives and insults at one another while Thomas Ravenel feebly stood between them. Unlike during their previous interaction in Hilton Head, Kathryn couldn’t keep calm and restrain herself upon hearing all the nasty things that Ashley said about her. After Kathryn reminded Ashley that she, Thomas and their two children were a family, Ashley went so far as calling Kathryn nothing more than an “egg donor” and “baby mamma.” Viewers saw the feisty Kathryn make a comeback when she, many would say rightly, warned Ashley to stay to stay in her lane and called her a “b**ch.”

In a Southern Charm after show video posted on on Thursday night, Ashley defended herself when asked about how she called Kathryn an “egg donor.” Ashley claims that Kathryn provoked her.

“Well many times,’We’re a family. We’re a family.’ She even asked Thomas in December, ‘Can we take family photos? Christmas photos. Of the four of us, the Ravenels?’ [Sniggers] I looked at him and was like, ‘You need to set some boundaries right now my friend.Otherwise I’m not staying here. Bye.’ Just because you give, you push something out of your vagina, doesn’t mean that you’re a mother! I’m sorry! Mothering is loving and caring and protecting your children. Kathryn’s all talk. I want to see her actually do what she’s saying she’s gonna do. And I hope for her sobriety, that she maintains that, for the sake of the children, for the benefit of the children. And I said some things that were, again, quick and reactive, that I shouldn’t have said. I should have had more class, to bite my tongue, but again I was just in that moment. I was provoked so, and I was a little disappointed, I’m like, ‘Darn.'”

In another after show video, Ashley put the blame on Kathryn for their big blow out.

“You know I went into it not sure what was going to happen. If we’re gonna speak our minds, speak our peace. Um, you know, I did start that conversation by saying, you know, ‘The conversation in Daufuskie got heated and I take my responsibility and my part in that. And that shouldn’t have happened.’ And she goes, ‘Yeah, why did that happen?! I thought that you respected me!’ And she went off! In that moment, I realized, [laughs] any reconciliation just went right out the door. [Does the “no” motion with hands and head] I thought it was kind of comical. I mean I really wanted to come down here and make peace and I just kind of went like this [leans back] and went, ‘Oh my God. Oka,y you take the stage. You know, I look like a fool, Daufuskie Island, for raising my voice. But if you want to do that, you take the stage.’ Maybe we can still salvage this? [shakes head no]”

After Ashley called Kathryn an egg donor and baby momma, Kathryn fought back and unleashed a few insults and expletives of her own, including calling Ashley a “b**ch.” In the after video interview, Ashley, when speaking about that moment, pretty much revealed that she had been wanting that kind of reaction from Kathryn all along.

“I was like [claps], ‘There she is. There is the person I knew. Where, why have you been holding back all this time?'”

Hmmmm….this is pretty interesting considering that Ashley has claimed that she never watched Southern Charm and didn’t even know who Thomas Ravenel was when she approached him back in her hometown of Santa Barbara. Perhaps Ashley was referring to the Kathryn that she knew from what Thomas had told her of his ex?

Combine these after show videos with Ashley Jacobs’s claim on social media that she acted out just to provide viewers with entertaining TV and that she helped fuel the show’s ratings, however, and it sure seems as if Ashley really did go into the ball, and perhaps the entirety of filming, wanting a fight with Kathryn Dennis and her own slice of Southern Charm fame.

Kathryn Dennis Reacts To Shep Rose Telling All About Their Hookups On WWHL

Last night on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked Shep Rose about the revelation that Kathryn Dennis had made on Southern Charm that she and Shep continued hooking up even after her daughter, Kensie, was born. In a confessional interview, Kathryn sleepily confessed that the sex with Shep is good and that she finds him cute and fun. While it was revealed long ago that Kathryn and Shep had sex with one another before she went on to have a relationship and children with Thomas Ravenel, it was a big surprise when Kathryn admitted that she and Shep continued doing so after her thing with Thomas ended.

Much to Andy’s surprise, Shep was quite candid and forthcoming about his sexual relationship with Kathryn. Shep didn’t hesitate to answer all of Andy’s questions.

Who initiated the first hook up when they started out again?

“Well we met up at one of my bars and we had a couple of drinks and it was just like on fire again.”

How many times have they hooked up?

“Total? Probably six or seven.”

Would he consider himself Kathryn’s booty call?

“Well originally I was. Originally I was and we were being each other’s booty call. But then she fell back with Whitney [Sudler-Smith] and Thomas and I was just like, ‘No, no no.’…There was a time, the first time we hooked up, where I wasn’t sure who was who and where and when, the timing.”

Do they go on dates first or just cut right to the chase?

“No. Never been on a date. I would go on a date with her but we’re both sort of like [jolly motion with his arms].”

Is there a sleepover? Does she stay over?

“Yes. At one point she wore a lot of make up and I was having to do, you know wash my sheets a little too much, so we would get in the shower first.”

Did anyone on the cast know about the two of them before it was revealed on the show? Shep didn’t really answer this question but did manage to throw Craig Conover a bit of a dig.

“Um well yeah cause I kind of stole her from Craig. Craig was courting her but slept in her bed with her, two nights in a row, and didn’t try anything. I was like, ‘What are you doing?’ So I was slipped. I was like, ‘I’ll try something.'”

On Twitter, Kathryn clarified that it was self tanner that she had to wash off before getting in bed with Shep.

Kathryn then explained that she didn’t get to watch the episode but that she got a text from a friend and have been bombarded with tweets about it. Judging from Kathryn’s tweet, it doesn’t seem as if she’s mad at Shep for kissing and telling.

Wisely, Shep quickly reassured Kathryn that he didn’t say anything bad.

After the Q and A session ended, Andy Cohen commented that they filmed the Southern Charm season 5 reunion show for eight hours and that he thought he had gotten everything out of the cast but now knows that to not be true! Tell me, are you surprised by Shep Rose’s candidness about his and Kathryn Dennis’ hookups?

Jennifer Snowden Denies Siding With Ashley Jacobs Against Kathryn Dennis

When Southern Charm returns next Thursday with its season 5 finale episode, viewers will see return of Jennifer Snowden. As you may recall, Jennifer was once Kathryn Dennis’ friend. In seasons prior, before Kathryn redeemed herself by turning her life around, Jennifer was actually one of the few people among the cast who defended Kathryn and willingly hung out with her. Yet by the end of last season, Jennifer was on the outs with Kathryn due to Kathryn feeling as if Jennifer had betrayed her by being friendly with her ex, Thomas Ravenel.

So far this season, Jennifer has been a no show. In her place as Kathryn’s enemy has been Thomas’ new girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs. A preview for next week’s finale shows Jennifer, during a ball, defending Ashley. Not surprisingly, the preview clip has led some viewers to accuse Jennifer of showing up at the ball simply to cause trouble for Kathryn.

Yet according to Jennifer, that’s not true. On social media, she posted a lengthy comment explaining that she attended the ball as Patricia Altschul’s guest and that she defended Ashley not to get back at Kathryn but simply because she felt that it wasn’t right that Ashley was publicly accused of being a call girl.

Jennifer further explained that at the time of the ball, she did not know about Ashley’s behavior towards Kathryn.

Jennifer also explained that Patricia’s ball was the first time that she met Ashley and that she was assigned a seat next to her and Thomas. Jennifer also expressed regret that she went to the ball at all.

As for her feelings regarding Kathryn, Jennifer made it clear that she holds no animosity towards her and is actually rooting for her.

Unfortunately for those hoping that Jennifer and Kathryn reconciled after last season, Jennifer pretty much confirmed that she currently has no contact with Kathryn when she wrote that from everyone’s tweets, it seems as if Kathryn has turned her life around and will soon regain custody of her two children.

Jennifer also gave her opinion that the lunch scene between her and Kathryn last season, in which Kathryn didn’t seem to show any compassion and interest in how Jennifer’s baby son, who faced a life-threatening condition, was doing, didn’t truly show how they felt about one another.

Now that Kathryn Dennis has made amends with practically the entire Southern Charm cast, even Thomas Ravenel, despite the fact that he’s dating the polarizing Ashley Jacobs, perhaps viewers will one day see her reconciling with Jennifer Snowden?

Ashley Jacobs Admits She Questioned Her Own Intentions With Thomas Ravenel; Denies She Hit on Craig Conover

Did Ashley pursue Thomas Ravenel simply because she wanted some Southern Charm fame and riches, in particular Thomas’, for herself? In a surprising admission, in a Southern Charm After Show video interview that was posted on on Thursday night, Ashley said that she has even questioned her own intentions in being with Thomas.

“You know I’m at a age where I’m not dating just to date. I’m looking for long term. I don’t want to waste my time. I certainly don’t want to waste somebody else’s. You know Thomas already feels, has, those insecurity, you know, issues, especially dating, you know, a younger woman is, ‘What are their intentions? I’m an older man. I have money. I’m on a show. Are they here for me? Are they using me?’ I think the same thing. Because even I had to question my  own intentions.”

Obviously, Ashley didn’t go so far as saying that she actually is a gold digger in any way or pursued Thomas simply because he was a reality TV star. On her social media pages, Ashley has proudly showed off that she works full-time as a nurse.

Yet Thomas’ co-stars aren’t convinced. Austen Kroll, during his and Craig Conover’s after show interview, said that when Ashley told him that she didn’t know who Thomas was when she first met him, he wanted to call her out.

“I was like, ‘B**ch you knew who he was. And you approached him because he was Thomas Ravenel and you approached him…spending 10k on a shopping spree with Patricia [Altschul], why would you think she’s a gold digger?”

Craig pointed out that there’s no good reason why Ashley would have moved from Santa Barbara to Charleston so quick.

“There is no way that someone would have motives strong enough to be like, even though it’s Thomas, I’m gonna move across the country against my parents’ wishes…”

Cameran Eubanks said that it’s time for Ashley to go back.

“She just doesn’t know what she got herself into. Run girl! Go back to California. Before it’s too late.”

On the latest episode, Thomas told Ashley that he felt like he was just her sugar daddy and told her to go back to work. He also confessed to Kathryn that his relationship with Ashley was going south.

Yes I gave you life, but really you gave me mine.

A post shared by Kathryn Calhoun Dennis (@kathryndennis) on

A preview for next week’s Southern Charm season 5 finale episode shows Kathryn and Ashley, as Thomas Ravenel stands in the middle, engaged in a viscous verbal argument, with Ashley going so far as telling Kathryn that she’s only her kids’ egg donor. It also shows the other guys, including Craig Conover, confirming that Ashley hit on them.

As I wrote here in a previous post, in a previous Southern Charm After Show video, Craig Conover said that Ashley told him that she would date him if he was older. On Instagram, in the comments of a photo she just posted, Ashley said it was just a joke.


“ashleyhjacobs: @incubussteph Lol! Craig is definitely a cutie! But I would NEVER date one of Thomas’ friends. It was a joke that obviously didn’t go so well.”

Remember how I reported that Ashley Jacobs has also claimed that her instigating behavior towards Kathryn Dennis and her horrible behavior in general while filming was all just a show that she put on for viewers and that the cast should thank her for increased ratings? Do you think, as Ashley claims, that Ashley’s really just joking with everything and that she’s actually a very good person in real life?