Ashley Jacobs Denies She Recognized Thomas Ravenel From ‘Southern Charm’


Did Ashley Jacobs pursue Thomas Ravenel because she was a fan of his and wanted to be a part of Southern Charm? According to Ashley, no. While some viewers have speculated that Ashley was attracted to Thomas because of his reality TV fame and deep pockets, Ashley recently clarified via her Instagram page that she had never even watched the show prior to meeting him.

Ashley recently posted a photo of herself with Thomas in celebration of their one year anniversary of meeting one another in Ashley’s hometown of Santa Barbara.

A viewer asked Ashley if she recognized him from Southern Charm. Ashley responded that she watched the show after meeting Thomas.

“mrslubie: @ashleyhjacobs Did you recognize him from southern charm or did you watch it? Happy Anniversary!”

“ashleyhjacobs: @mrslubie I watched after I met him!”

Ashley also indirectly denied that she’s a gold digger. A viewer spoke up to defend Ashley from her critics by pointing out that Ashley is from a very wealthy area and didn’t need to move all the way to Charleston to land a rich man. Ashley told the viewer that she makes a great point.

“wlkrtxgranger: Lovely! People who aren’t from Santa Barbara don’t understand we’ve grown up around extreme wealth and if she wanted to gold dig, she would’ve done it a long time ago from the comfort of home…”

“ashleyhjacobs: @wlkrtxgranger lol! You make a great point👏🏼😂”

Ashley also pointed out to another viewer who asked about her relationship that the show only focuses on the negativity and drama. Ashley maintains that she doesn’t take any of the reality TV drama seriously.

“ashleyhjacobs: @nbe171 When Thomas says something nice about me no one says anything. When he says something like what you said above, it gets a reaction. That’s the whole point of reality tv. I don’t take any of this seriously.”

Notably, Ashley has yet to respond to viewers’ criticisms and questions on how she could be with someone who is accused of sexual assault and what she thinks of the allegation. The matter has gotten even more serious in the last few days due to a second woman accusing Thomas of sexual assault.

While there are certainly a lot of critics of Ashley’s relationship with Thomas, there is one supporter: former Southern Charm star Landon Clements. She met Ashley in Santa Barbara right after Thomas did and the trio regularly meet up together.

“alandonclements: And then one day later you met me 👯‍♀️ Happy Anniversary you crazy kids”

“ashleyhjacobs: @alandonclements That’s right!! One of the best days ever💕 Love you so much!”

Yet Thomas’ ex, Kathryn, still isn’t very impressed with his girlfriend Ashley. As the latest episode aired on Thursday night, she posted a tweet that poked some fun at Ashley.

Recently, in a Southern Charm After Show video, Kathryn Dennis said that she expects Thomas Ravenel to get rid of Ashley Jacobs within a few years.



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