Are Malia White And Wesley Walton From ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Still Together?

*Update: Go to the bottom of the article for an update on the two!

Since Below Deck Mediterranean season 3 is premiering tonight on Bravo, some of you may be wondering whether Malia White and Wesley Walton, who got together and became a couple on season 2, much to the chagrin of Adam Glick, are still together. Here’s what can be gleamed from social media.

Just six days ago, Bobby Giancola, who was with Malia and Wesley on season 2, posted this photo of them all hanging out together:


So clearly, Wes and Malia are at least still friends. But are they actually still a couple?

On April 5, Malia posted this shot of her in the Bahamas:

A viewer commented to Wes that Malia hasn’t posted photos of him on her Instagram page for a while. Another viewer commented that the last time Malia posted a photo of Wes was back in December.


“sensitiveclub: @wes_yachting you’re literally nowhere on her social media 👀 somethin to consider”


“tracy_lynn84: @sensitiveclub I thought the same thing. Not since December. I trolled to see if they were still together 😂😂”

Malia posted a comment that she wants to keep some aspects of her life private instead of open to scrutiny.

“maliakpwhite: @sensitiveclub Maybe I like keeping some aspects of my life personal… not for random people to comment on 🤷‍♀️”

Yet it seems that Wes was indeed with Malia in the Bahamas and it was he who took the gorgeous photo. Another viewer commented to Wes, who has since deleted his Instagram account, that he was wondering who took the photo. Malia also joked about Wes wanting credit for the photo.

“weed_traveler: @wes_yachting I was wondering who took this awesome shot!!”

“maliakpwhite: @wes_yachting no dedication to the perfect photo but you want the cred?! 😜”

In February, Wes wished Malia a happy Valentine’s Day and expressed his wish that they share many more adventures together:

Season 3 of Below Deck Mediterranean sees the return of chief stew Hannah Ferrier, chef Adam Glick and captain Sandy Yawn. While Malia White and Wesley Walton didn’t film the latest season, perhaps viewers will see Adam reminiscence about the love triangle drama that happened between him, Malia and Wes last season?

Update: As of May 2019, it looks as if there’s a new man in Malia’s life.

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