Bobby Giancola On Charter With ‘Below Deck’ Alum, Hangs With Malia White And Wesley Walton

When Below Deck Mediterranean season 3 premiered on Tuesday night, one person many viewers were disappointed to not see was Bobby Giancola, the deckhand who played a big role in the drama, romantic pursuits and humorous antics of the prior two seasons. Yet while viewers won’t be seeing him on the yacht Talisman with captain Sandy Yawn and chief stew Hannah Ferrier this season, he’s still very much in the yachting game. In fact, he just set sail with a Below Deck alum: season 1’s chief stew Adrienne Gang.

Bobby posted this photo of himself with Adrienne and two other crew members on a yacht in the Bahamas. He’ll be working there for two weeks.

After Below Deck Mediterranean season 2 finished, Bobby worked on getting a captain’s license. His mentor and trainor was none other than Below Deck alum Aleks Taldykin. Bobby worked for Aleks’ company, Elite Yacht Management in California, for a bit of time. In March, Bobby got his certification.

Bobby is also still championing the reality show. The day of the season 3 premiere, he posted a throwback photo from season 2 and reminded everyone to watch the new season.

As for whether it was Bobby’s decision to not be on season 3, it seems that it wasn’t. In the comments section of another photo that he posted, a photo that showed season 2 couple Malia White and Wesley Walton, Bobby told a viewer that “unfortunately” he’s not on this season. It also seems that he’s open to coming back. In response to another viewer who said that Bravo needs to put Bobby back on the show, he told her to “spread the word.”


“splrtash: All the cuteness ❤️, are you officially in next season?”

“bgcola28: @splrtash unfortunately no I’m not on this season”

“maheath104: @bgcola28 Bravo needs to put u back on!! You r awesome.”

“bgcola28: @maheath104 spread the word!”

Perhaps Bobby Giancola will be on Below Deck Mediterranean season 4 or do a cross over to the original Below Deck?



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