Adam Glick Confesses That He Would Hook Up With ‘Below Deck’ Alum Raquel ‘Rocky’ Dakota

During Adam Glick’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday night, alongside his Below Deck Mediterranean co-star Hannah Ferrier, he maintained that he was completely over his season 2 love interest Malia White and would not get with her if she came back to him. So who would he get together with now? Surprisingly, it’s Raquel “Rocky” Dakota from season 3 of Below Deck!

During the after show, a viewer called in and asked Adam and Hannah which show alum they would hook up with. Hannah jokingly pointed to Below Deck‘s chief stew Kate Chastain, with whom she’s friends with and was sitting in the audience. When Andy Cohen asked Adam for who he would go with, he said Rocky.

“I’d go Rocky.”

As Andy expressed his surprise, the audience let out a collective gasp. Andy then asked for reminder on which one was Rocky, to which Hannah chimed in that she was one who jumped overboard. Adam piped up that he found Rocky to have been the only sane one

“Probably only the sane person that’s ever been on that boat, to have swum the shore.”

Kate, who feuded with Rocky during that season, quickly reminded everyone that there was no shore when Rocky jumped overboard.

Need a quick reminder on Rocky? She was the Below Deck season 3 stew who frequently complained about the work she had to do, butted heads with Kate and who looked up towards the sky during her confessional. She also hooked up with bosun Eddie Lucas more than once, despite the fact that he had a girlfriend back home. Rocky had a sort of redemption on the finale episode when Eddie, who had denied to everyone that he had sex with Rocky, finally admitted the truth, including to Captain Lee Rosbach.

During another portion of WWHL, Adam said that he didn’t have any feelings for Malia White, that he tried to keep in touch with Wesley Walton to no avail and that he believes that Malia and Wesley are still together. Are they? Take a look here.

Unfortunately for Adam Glick, a hook up with Raquel “Rocky” Dakota doesn’t seem to be in the cards. A quick glimpse of her Instagram page shows that she’s very happy being in a relationship with a Mark.

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