Ashley Jacobs Says She’s Just Providing Entertaining TV, Viewers Tell Thomas Ravenel To Leave Her

On last night’s episode of Southern Charm, viewers saw a very different side of Ashley Jacobs. During a group trip to Hilton Head, Ashley seemed rude and indifferent to the others. Her behavior was particularly shocking towards Kathryn Dennis. In one scene, Ashley practically demanded, in front of the other women, that Kathryn invite her to her and Thomas Ravenel’s son’s birthday party. Ashley even told Kathryn that she sees her two children with Thomas more than she does, which not surprisingly prompted Kathryn to lash back at her. In private with Thomas, Ashley talked badly about Kathryn and warned that she was going to have problems with her.

Yet was that the real Ashley or was she just playing it up for the cameras? Ashley would have you to believe the latter. In comments on her latest Instagram photo, Ashley said that she was just providing entertaining TV for people and that she was just being shocking to provoke a reaction.


“ashleyhjacobs: @mrslambert30 Thank you!! Just trying to make entertaining TV!! After last night’s episode… if I didn’t know me I wouldn’t like me either☺️”



“ashleyhjacobs: @hopefulfdreamer Of course if is!! Trust me, If I didn’t know me I wouldn’t like me either!! Just trying to provide good entertainment! Clearly it’s working!!”



“ashleyhjacobs: @kalien_activity Lol. You can’t edit what you don’t give them!! I gave them a lot (obviously🙄) I’m sarcastic and enjoy a good reaction!! Glad to see it worked. It’s just as entertaining for you as it is for me!!”



Ashley told another viewer that people can expect more drama from her in the upcoming episodes.

“ashleyhjacobs: @depechemaid Oh maybe you thought last night’s episode was the last show? Heads up- there’s more to come😉”



If Ashley is just acting, what’s her end goal? TV infamy? According to her, she’s working full-time right now as a nurse in South Carolina. Is reality TV infamy really worth potential damage to a real career?

“ashleyhjacobs: @zan2122 That’s why I work full-time as an RN! Life is about giving back♥️ Thanks for watching me during my pastime though✌🏼 I strive for entertainment!!”

Yet during a Southern Charm After Show video interview posted to on Thursday night, Ashley said that the other women were in a bit of a clique and admitted that she can turn vicious when she needs to:

“If you push me, push me, push me, you don’t want me to head back up.”

During their own interviews, Chelsea Meissner, Naomie Olindo, Danni Baird and Cameran Eubanks all agreed that Ashley was in the wrong when it came to how she behaved towards Kathryn and the others during the group.

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Meanwhile, viewers have bombarded Thomas Ravenel’s Instagram page to tell him to leave Ashley Jacobs and that she’s horrible for how she treated the mother of his children, Kathryn Dennis. Of course, many would say that Thomas himself isn’t exactly a catch given his history and the current allegations of sexual assault against him. Yet according to Ashley, they’re stronger than a rock and no one, not even Kathryn Dennis, can drive a wedge between them.


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