Ashley Jacobs Admits She Questioned Her Own Intentions With Thomas Ravenel; Denies She Hit on Craig Conover

Did Ashley pursue Thomas Ravenel simply because she wanted some Southern Charm fame and riches, in particular Thomas’, for herself? In a surprising admission, in a Southern Charm After Show video interview that was posted on on Thursday night, Ashley said that she has even questioned her own intentions in being with Thomas.

“You know I’m at a age where I’m not dating just to date. I’m looking for long term. I don’t want to waste my time. I certainly don’t want to waste somebody else’s. You know Thomas already feels, has, those insecurity, you know, issues, especially dating, you know, a younger woman is, ‘What are their intentions? I’m an older man. I have money. I’m on a show. Are they here for me? Are they using me?’ I think the same thing. Because even I had to question my  own intentions.”

Obviously, Ashley didn’t go so far as saying that she actually is a gold digger in any way or pursued Thomas simply because he was a reality TV star. On her social media pages, Ashley has proudly showed off that she works full-time as a nurse.

Yet Thomas’ co-stars aren’t convinced. Austen Kroll, during his and Craig Conover’s after show interview, said that when Ashley told him that she didn’t know who Thomas was when she first met him, he wanted to call her out.

“I was like, ‘B**ch you knew who he was. And you approached him because he was Thomas Ravenel and you approached him…spending 10k on a shopping spree with Patricia [Altschul], why would you think she’s a gold digger?”

Craig pointed out that there’s no good reason why Ashley would have moved from Santa Barbara to Charleston so quick.

“There is no way that someone would have motives strong enough to be like, even though it’s Thomas, I’m gonna move across the country against my parents’ wishes…”

Cameran Eubanks said that it’s time for Ashley to go back.

“She just doesn’t know what she got herself into. Run girl! Go back to California. Before it’s too late.”

On the latest episode, Thomas told Ashley that he felt like he was just her sugar daddy and told her to go back to work. He also confessed to Kathryn that his relationship with Ashley was going south.

A preview for next week’s Southern Charm season 5 finale episode shows Kathryn and Ashley, as Thomas Ravenel stands in the middle, engaged in a viscous verbal argument, with Ashley going so far as telling Kathryn that she’s only her kids’ egg donor. It also shows the other guys, including Craig Conover, confirming that Ashley hit on them.

As I wrote here in a previous post, in a previous Southern Charm After Show video, Craig Conover said that Ashley told him that she would date him if he was older. On Instagram, in the comments of a photo she just posted, Ashley said it was just a joke.


“ashleyhjacobs: @incubussteph Lol! Craig is definitely a cutie! But I would NEVER date one of Thomas’ friends. It was a joke that obviously didn’t go so well.”

Remember how I reported that Ashley Jacobs has also claimed that her instigating behavior towards Kathryn Dennis and her horrible behavior in general while filming was all just a show that she put on for viewers and that the cast should thank her for increased ratings? Do you think, as Ashley claims, that Ashley’s really just joking with everything and that she’s actually a very good person in real life?



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