Jennifer Snowden Denies Siding With Ashley Jacobs Against Kathryn Dennis

When Southern Charm returns next Thursday with its season 5 finale episode, viewers will see return of Jennifer Snowden. As you may recall, Jennifer was once Kathryn Dennis’ friend. In seasons prior, before Kathryn redeemed herself by turning her life around, Jennifer was actually one of the few people among the cast who defended Kathryn and willingly hung out with her. Yet by the end of last season, Jennifer was on the outs with Kathryn due to Kathryn feeling as if Jennifer had betrayed her by being friendly with her ex, Thomas Ravenel.

So far this season, Jennifer has been a no show. In her place as Kathryn’s enemy has been Thomas’ new girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs. A preview for next week’s finale shows Jennifer, during a ball, defending Ashley. Not surprisingly, the preview clip has led some viewers to accuse Jennifer of showing up at the ball simply to cause trouble for Kathryn.

Yet according to Jennifer, that’s not true. On social media, she posted a lengthy comment explaining that she attended the ball as Patricia Altschul’s guest and that she defended Ashley not to get back at Kathryn but simply because she felt that it wasn’t right that Ashley was publicly accused of being a call girl.

Jennifer further explained that at the time of the ball, she did not know about Ashley’s behavior towards Kathryn.

Jennifer also explained that Patricia’s ball was the first time that she met Ashley and that she was assigned a seat next to her and Thomas. Jennifer also expressed regret that she went to the ball at all.

As for her feelings regarding Kathryn, Jennifer made it clear that she holds no animosity towards her and is actually rooting for her.

Unfortunately for those hoping that Jennifer and Kathryn reconciled after last season, Jennifer pretty much confirmed that she currently has no contact with Kathryn when she wrote that from everyone’s tweets, it seems as if Kathryn has turned her life around and will soon regain custody of her two children.

Jennifer also gave her opinion that the lunch scene between her and Kathryn last season, in which Kathryn didn’t seem to show any compassion and interest in how Jennifer’s baby son, who faced a life-threatening condition, was doing, didn’t truly show how they felt about one another.

Now that Kathryn Dennis has made amends with practically the entire Southern Charm cast, even Thomas Ravenel, despite the fact that he’s dating the polarizing Ashley Jacobs, perhaps viewers will one day see her reconciling with Jennifer Snowden?

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