Kathryn Dennis Reacts To Shep Rose Telling All About Their Hookups On WWHL

Last night on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked Shep Rose about the revelation that Kathryn Dennis had made on Southern Charm that she and Shep continued hooking up even after her daughter, Kensie, was born. In a confessional interview, Kathryn sleepily confessed that the sex with Shep is good and that she finds him cute and fun. While it was revealed long ago that Kathryn and Shep had sex with one another before she went on to have a relationship and children with Thomas Ravenel, it was a big surprise when Kathryn admitted that she and Shep continued doing so after her thing with Thomas ended.

Much to Andy’s surprise, Shep was quite candid and forthcoming about his sexual relationship with Kathryn. Shep didn’t hesitate to answer all of Andy’s questions.

Who initiated the first hook up when they started out again?

“Well we met up at one of my bars and we had a couple of drinks and it was just like on fire again.”

How many times have they hooked up?

“Total? Probably six or seven.”

Would he consider himself Kathryn’s booty call?

“Well originally I was. Originally I was and we were being each other’s booty call. But then she fell back with Whitney [Sudler-Smith] and Thomas and I was just like, ‘No, no no.’…There was a time, the first time we hooked up, where I wasn’t sure who was who and where and when, the timing.”

Do they go on dates first or just cut right to the chase?

“No. Never been on a date. I would go on a date with her but we’re both sort of like [jolly motion with his arms].”

Is there a sleepover? Does she stay over?

“Yes. At one point she wore a lot of make up and I was having to do, you know wash my sheets a little too much, so we would get in the shower first.”

Did anyone on the cast know about the two of them before it was revealed on the show? Shep didn’t really answer this question but did manage to throw Craig Conover a bit of a dig.

“Um well yeah cause I kind of stole her from Craig. Craig was courting her but slept in her bed with her, two nights in a row, and didn’t try anything. I was like, ‘What are you doing?’ So I was slipped. I was like, ‘I’ll try something.'”

On Twitter, Kathryn clarified that it was self tanner that she had to wash off before getting in bed with Shep.

Kathryn then explained that she didn’t get to watch the episode but that she got a text from a friend and have been bombarded with tweets about it. Judging from Kathryn’s tweet, it doesn’t seem as if she’s mad at Shep for kissing and telling.

Wisely, Shep quickly reassured Kathryn that he didn’t say anything bad.

After the Q and A session ended, Andy Cohen commented that they filmed the Southern Charm season 5 reunion show for eight hours and that he thought he had gotten everything out of the cast but now knows that to not be true! Tell me, are you surprised by Shep Rose’s candidness about his and Kathryn Dennis’ hookups?

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