Ashley Jacobs Claps At Getting The Reaction That She Wanted Out Of Kathryn Dennis

The Southern Charm season 5 finale episode ended on Thursday night with Ashley Jacobs and Kathryn Dennis hurling expletives and insults at one another while Thomas Ravenel feebly stood between them. Unlike during their previous interaction in Hilton Head, Kathryn couldn’t keep calm and restrain herself upon hearing all the nasty things that Ashley said about her. After Kathryn reminded Ashley that she, Thomas and their two children were a family, Ashley went so far as calling Kathryn nothing more than an “egg donor” and “baby mamma.” Viewers saw the feisty Kathryn make a comeback when she, many would say rightly, warned Ashley to stay to stay in her lane and called her a “b**ch.”

In a Southern Charm after show video posted on on Thursday night, Ashley defended herself when asked about how she called Kathryn an “egg donor.” Ashley claims that Kathryn provoked her.

“Well many times,’We’re a family. We’re a family.’ She even asked Thomas in December, ‘Can we take family photos? Christmas photos. Of the four of us, the Ravenels?’ [Sniggers] I looked at him and was like, ‘You need to set some boundaries right now my friend.Otherwise I’m not staying here. Bye.’ Just because you give, you push something out of your vagina, doesn’t mean that you’re a mother! I’m sorry! Mothering is loving and caring and protecting your children. Kathryn’s all talk. I want to see her actually do what she’s saying she’s gonna do. And I hope for her sobriety, that she maintains that, for the sake of the children, for the benefit of the children. And I said some things that were, again, quick and reactive, that I shouldn’t have said. I should have had more class, to bite my tongue, but again I was just in that moment. I was provoked so, and I was a little disappointed, I’m like, ‘Darn.'”

In another after show video, Ashley put the blame on Kathryn for their big blow out.

“You know I went into it not sure what was going to happen. If we’re gonna speak our minds, speak our peace. Um, you know, I did start that conversation by saying, you know, ‘The conversation in Daufuskie got heated and I take my responsibility and my part in that. And that shouldn’t have happened.’ And she goes, ‘Yeah, why did that happen?! I thought that you respected me!’ And she went off! In that moment, I realized, [laughs] any reconciliation just went right out the door. [Does the “no” motion with hands and head] I thought it was kind of comical. I mean I really wanted to come down here and make peace and I just kind of went like this [leans back] and went, ‘Oh my God. Oka,y you take the stage. You know, I look like a fool, Daufuskie Island, for raising my voice. But if you want to do that, you take the stage.’ Maybe we can still salvage this? [shakes head no]”

After Ashley called Kathryn an egg donor and baby momma, Kathryn fought back and unleashed a few insults and expletives of her own, including calling Ashley a “b**ch.” In the after video interview, Ashley, when speaking about that moment, pretty much revealed that she had been wanting that kind of reaction from Kathryn all along.

“I was like [claps], ‘There she is. There is the person I knew. Where, why have you been holding back all this time?'”

Hmmmm….this is pretty interesting considering that Ashley has claimed that she never watched Southern Charm and didn’t even know who Thomas Ravenel was when she approached him back in her hometown of Santa Barbara. Perhaps Ashley was referring to the Kathryn that she knew from what Thomas had told her of his ex?

Combine these after show videos with Ashley Jacobs’s claim on social media that she acted out just to provide viewers with entertaining TV and that she helped fuel the show’s ratings, however, and it sure seems as if Ashley really did go into the ball, and perhaps the entirety of filming, wanting a fight with Kathryn Dennis and her own slice of Southern Charm fame.

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