Landon Clements On Ashley Jacobs Reminding Kathryn Dennis That Her Kids Were Taken Away: “It Was True!”

If Landon Clements was still on Southern Charm, Ashley Jacobs might have had an ally sticking up for her a bit on the season 5 reunion show. That’s because Landon’s friendly with Ashley and actually witnessed her relationship with Thomas Ravenel begin. A few days ago, Landon did an interview with Heather McDonald for Heather’s Juicy Scoop podcast. During the podcast, Landon explained how she met Ashley, her thoughts on Ashley and Ashley’s relationship with Thomas, and what she really thinks of how Ashley spoke to Kathryn Dennis while filming the season.

Landon said that she met Ashley last summer in Santa Barbara during a polo match the day after Thomas met her at a bar. Landon, who now lives in Malibu, explained that Thomas at that time was living in Santa Barbara, where Ashley is from, for a few months. While Ashley is now a widely hated figure thanks to the show, Landon defended her.

“She’s always been so nice to me and I don’t have anything bad to say.”

Asked whether she thinks Ashley was a super fan of the show and knowingly targeted Thomas when she saw him at the bar, Landon hesitantly admitted that it was a possibility. “Possibly,” she said.

Asked whether she has kept in touch with Ashley since she moved to Charleston to be with Thomas, Landon revealed that while hasn’t had much contact with Ashley, her sister does.

“A little bit. Not so much. My sister does her hair, so I know she vents to my sister a lot, in Charleston, so my sister has a salon.”

As for Ashley’s relationship with Thomas today, Landon confirmed that they’re still together and seem to be happy.

“Yeah, yeah. I mean…I think they’re very happy.”

When Heather asked Landon for her thoughts on what went on this past season between Ashley and Kathryn, Landon said that she didn’t watch much of the season.

“You know I haven’t watched the show. The only episode I watched was the last one, which was the ball, I don’t have a TV…”

Heather quickly brought up how Ashley screamed at Kathryn during the ball, going so far as reminding her that her kids were taken away from her. Landon, in defense of Ashley, pointed out what Ashley said was true and that Kathryn herself wasn’t always a saint.

“I mean it was true! I mean I don’t think it was a nice thing to say but these things did happen. You know what I mean? I think everyone’s just like forgotten that Kathryn ever did anything crazy, which is, that’s great, you should let people have a second chance at life and behaviors, and when there’s drugs involved and small children, but everything, everything that was said was true.”

Safe to say, Landon and Kathryn never reconciled and became friends. Yet Landon did say that when she recently ran into Kathryn during one of Andy Cohen’s shows out in Los Angeles, they said hi and were cordial to one another. Landon also said that she keeps in touch with the entire cast, with the exception of Kathryn.

If Ashley Jacobs continues on with Thomas Ravenel and Southern Charm, she will surely need a female friend to film with from time to time. Perhaps that friend will be Landon Clements?

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