Jeff Lewis Says Zoila Chavez Might Come Back; Shannon Beador Comments On Jeff’s Rift With Jenni Pulos

Surprise! Flipping Out viewers may very well see Zoila Chavez trading jabs with Jeff Lewis in the next season. During his appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live, Jeff, alongside his good friend The Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador, talked about whether he has had any recent contact with Zoila. As for whether viewers will continue to see Jenni Pulos on the show, considering that she and Jeff are no longer friends, Shannon, who is also good friends with Jenni, had something interesting to say about that.

As viewers saw last season, it seemed that Zoila was finally gone for good after retiring from her position as Jeff’s housekeeper. Despite Jeff’s pleas for her to stay, Zoila said that she couldn’t, not even on a part-time basis, because she wanted to travel and be with her own family. Yet on WWHL, Jeff said that he’s still in contact with Zoila and that they may even meet up for lunch soon. Even more importantly for the show’s fans, he said that Zoila might come back.

“I am. I just texted her this weekend. Yes. Yes. Yes. So in fact I think we’re gonna have dinner pretty soon. Yes. Yes. I am too [very happy with that]. I am too. Maybe she’ll come back!”

But will Jenni Pulos still be there? If you’re really out of the loop, Jeff recently revealed in one of his radio segments that he and Jenni are no longer friends after Jenni reported him for abuse to their show bosses. Even more shocking, Jeff revealed that Jenni was never really an employee of his. According to him, Jenni was paid by the production company and only showed up to film.

On WWHL, Jeff talked about whether he will ever be friends with Jenni again. Jeff said that it’s a possibility but a very slim one.

“Um I’m a very forgiving guy and I never say never. But when someone reports you for abuse to your bosses, that’s kind of something that’s very hard to get over.”

Shannon interjected that they may be friends again in a few years.

“I’ll make a prediction. I was saying this today. Not in press but to a friend. I give it a couple of years. I think it’s gonna take a couple of years. Because you’re like me. It takes time, to process that.”

Jeff added that he does miss Jenni.

“But I’ve been watching the show and I already miss her. I will tell you that. I already miss her. But it’s just, when someone crosses the line, it’s hard to get over.”

What do you think? Do you want to see Zoila Chavez back on Flipping Out? Will Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos be friends again?


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