‘RHOP’ Katie Rost Now In a New Relationship; Living Part-Time In California

Tonight marks the return of The Real Housewives of Potomac. And for the many fans who have stayed with the show since season 1, there was a big surprise when Bravo dropped the trailer for season 4 a few months back: the return of Katie Rost.

Katie made a big splash when she was a starring cast member of the first season cast, famously battling Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon on their racial heritage and trying to get a proposal from her long-time beau Andrew Martin. On the reunion show, sitting next to Karen Huger, Katie dropped the bombshell that she and Andrew, who had finally proposed on the season finale, had broken up, while Gizelle retaliated by claiming that Katie peed on the couch when they were doing a promotional shoot for the show. Since then, Katie has been absent from the show for two seasons.

Not to fear, the trailer for season 4 shows that Katie returns with a big splash, even going so far as getting topless with Ashley Darby. While not a full-time cast member, viewers will see her on the new season in a recurring role. So what has she been up to since season 1?

There has certainly been a lot of drama in Katie’s life. After Andrew, was Jacob, with whom she was expecting a child earlier this year. While she was with Jacob and expecting her fourth child, she publicly claimed that her ex-husband, James Orsini, was abusive, physically, sexually and verbally, to her during their marriage. At the time, Katie and her ex were engaged in a bitter custody battle over their three kids.

Sadly, Katie miscarried the baby. She blamed the miscarriage on the stress over her custody battle with her ex. You can read all of the details on the alleged abuse and their ongoing custody battle here.

After the miscarriage in late February, Katie and Jacob’s relationship ended and she deleted all photos of him from her Instagram account. Now, she’s in a relationship with Jesse, with whom she lives with part-time in California, around Beverly Hills.

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Me and Jesse

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Not surprisingly, Katie’s new relationship has drawn some critics. Some have bewildering asked what happened to Jacob and how she could be with a new man so soon after the miscarriage. Yet Katie’s taking the criticism in stride. In response to one person who wrote to her that she doesn’t waste time moving on, Katie said that she “cant stop, wont stop.”


“jenniferf9620: You don’t waste time moving on.

mskatierost: @jenniferf9620 cant stop, wont stop”

Katie’s personal life certainly provides a lot of material for reality TV! Are you excited to see Katie Rost’s return to The Real Housewives of Potomac?

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