Kathryn Dennis On Beau Hunter Price Meeting Ex Thomas Ravenel

The premiere of Southern Charm season 6 showed Kathryn Dennis dealing with the news that her ex and father of her two children, Thomas Ravenel, had been arrested upon allegations of rape from the kids’ former nanny. Kathryn admitted that she was shocked by the news, saddened to see his mug shot and even more shocked that Thomas didn’t tell her the news himself. She also told friend Danni Baird that upon seeing Thomas for the first time after his arrest, for a kid’s doctor appointment, he seemed to be in denial about the serious matter.

Another thing that Thomas apparently was in denial over was knowing about Kathryn’s new relationship with country singer Hunter Price.

On Wednesday nights Watch What Happens Live, Kathryn revealed that Thomas pretended as if he didn’t know who Hunter was upon meeting him at their daughter’s birthday party.

“It was extremely awkward. Thomas knows very much who he is and he walked up to him and said, ‘Who are you? Oh, nice to meet you.’ And that was it. It was at Kensie’s birthday party, and that was that.'”

Kathryn also said that she and Hunter, whom she met on New Year’s, are doing good together but people shouldn’t be expecting a wedding anytime soon.

“It’s good. Everything’s great between us but there are no bells ringing anytime soon for me.”

Now that Thomas Ravenel is out of Southern Charm, perhaps it’ll be Hunter Price we’ll be seeing with Kathryn Dennis? Or do you think Kathryn and Hunter should keep their relationship off of the show?

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