Danni Baird Shows Proof That Austen Kroll’s GF Madison LeCroy Was Hitting On Her BF Gentry

*Update: See Danni’s tweet at the bottom of the article for an update regarding her relationship with Gentry. Plus, Gentry speaks!

Madison LeCroy really trying to get with Danni Baird’s boyfriend, Gentry Todd, despite the fact that she was already in a relationship with Austen Kroll? According to Danni, Madison really did try to steal her man behind Austen’s back.

After the latest Southern Charm episode aired, in which Craig Conover and and Shep Rose warned Austen about what Madison did, Danni outed Madison on Instagram. Danni made it clear that she was having none of Madison’s denial by posting a snapshot of the text that Craig and Shep warned Austen about.

Danni also warned Madison that she’s not one to mess with a snappy caption.

“Here’s the deal…. Was trying to be a girls girl… but if you wanna play that game…”

Skeptics however may point out that the snapshot really just proves that Madison’s friend sent that text but doesn’t definitely prove that Madison actually wanted to cheat on Austen with Gentry. Maybe Madison made an innocent comment about how attractive Gentry was and Madison’s friend took it too far? Or perhaps this friend, for whatever reason, was trying to stir up drama and/or break up Madison and Austen. According to Madison, she wasn’t actually trying to cheat on Austen.

It’s unclear whether Madison and Austen are even still together, especially since Austen recently put Madison on blast on Twitter after her appearance on Watch What Happens Live. Poor Madison, she’s just getting hit from left and right. It’s also unclear if Danni is still together with this Gentry, since her social media pages show no traces of him.

Do you think Madison LeCroy is good for Austen Kroll? Would you be afraid to be on the wrong side of Danni Baird?

Update: Nope, Danni and Gentry aren’t together.

And here’s Gentry Todd’s side of the story:


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