Brooke Laughton Blasts Joao Franco’s Claim That She Cheated On Him

Did Brooke Laughton really cheat on Joao Franco? After Below Deck Mediterranean season 4 premiered on Monday night, Brooke went on Instagram to blast Joao’s claim that she cheated on him.

On last season’s Below Deck Med, Joao was the bad boy who seemed destined to break Brooke’s heart. Despite warnings from their cast mates and skepticism from the general public, Brooke followed her heart and embarked on a relationship with Joao. For a time, it seemed that the two were proving all their critics wrong, continuing their relationship off-camera after the season ended.

Yet on the season 4 premiere, Joao, who returned for another season alongside Colin Macy-O’Toole and Hannah Ferrier, said that his relationship with Brooke ended because she cheated on him.

Regarding Brooke, Joao said that they  had a serious relationship and they had even met one anther’s families. But then Brooke cheated and didn’t want to work on the relationship.

“Things seemed perfect but I found out she cheated on me…I really really loved her. I really wanted it to work but even so, she didn’t want to, so what can I do?”

After the episode aired, Brooke posted a risque photo of herself and captioned it “Sassy.”

She was definitely sassy in her responses to viewers who questioned her about Joao claim that she cheated. Brooke blasted Joao as someone who’s “not a good person from the core” and quipped that while she didn’t cheat on him, she should have.

“wolfnan99: Who knew you’d turn out to be a cheater!!??

brookelaughton: Consider your source…”

“rezzboy45: But really did you cheat on him or nah.

brookelaughton: @rezzboy45 I should have, but no”

“joddlelynn: @brookelaughton Why did you guys break up?

brookelaughton: @joddlelynn because he is not a good person from the core..”

Joao has since moved on to another love.

Do you really think Brooke Laughton cheated on Joao Franco? Do you think Joao’s new relationship will last?


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