Gizelle Bryant Reveals Big Detail About Ashley Darby’s Prenup With Michael

Why does Ashley Darby stay with Michael despite all of the controversy around their marriage and in particular, his sexuality? Ashley’s The Real Housewives of Potomac co-star Gizelle Bryant doesn’t seem to think it’s because she’s really in love with her husband and believes that the claims regarding his sexuality and behavior are unfounded. Rather, Gizelle actually recently implied that Ashley stays because of the prenup.

During Sunday’s Watch What Happens Live, during the after show, a caller asked Gizelle why she thinks Ashley stays with Michael despite all of the controversy. The called asked Gizelle if she thinks Ashley and Michael have an “arrangement.” Gizelle first said that Ashley and Michael love one another.

“Um, they do love each other.”

But then Gizelle couldn’t help but add in some shade.

“But there’s a nice prenup and um….I think it ends in five years, or probably four-and-a half. You heard it here first.”

Yikes! Ashley Darby is probably now questioning her decision to invite Gizelle Bryant to her baby shower!

Do you think Ashley marriage to Michael Darby will last? Do you think they have an “arrangement”?

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