‘Below Deck Med’ Aesha Scott Gives Jack Stirrup Relationship Update

Are Aesha Scott and Jack Stirrup still together? Since Below Deck Mediterranean season 4 started airing, viewers have watched Aesha and Jack have a very flirtatious relationship with one another. They seem to compliment one another very well, with both being very fun-loving and having a great sense of humor. Then on last night’s episode, it finally happened: Jack asked Aesha to be his girlfriend, complete with rapping, champagne, a huge sign and his shirtless body. Aesha, visibly touched by Jack’s girlfriend proposal, said yes.

Unfortunately for those hoping to see a continuation of Aesha and Jack’s romance, Aesha revealed on an Instagram story shortly after the episode aired that she and Jack are no longer boyfriend and girlfriend.

“For some who haven’t heard, I didn’t want to burst your bubble but yes, we are no longer together. I’m so sorry to the world. Because I know you all really wanted us to be.”

Aesha didn’t give the exact reason for the breakup but pretty much revealed that she and Jack weren’t on the same page in terms of location.

“For things that are personal between Jack and I. But you know what? It’s truly for the best. Because I want to go home and start my life in New Zealand. And he wants to be over in Europe and he’s got all of his life in London…When you’re in yachting you are in such a bubble. And then you leave and you get into your real life. And you kind of have to think about the logistics of everything and it always changes when you leave a boat. It always changes.”

Though the romance didn’t last, Aesha assures viewers that it was real.

“It wasn’t meant to be. But rest assured, we can both genuinely say it wasn’t for screen time. We both genuinely cared about each other and it was all real in the moment.”

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My red dress!!!!!!!! This night meant so much more to me than just appearing on WWHL!! I’ve had this absolute dream ever since I was young of wearing a sexy red dress to an event and just rocking it. I always had such a clear picture of it in my mind and dreamed so many times of the day I would have a chance to fulfill that fantasy, if ever! When I got the call about WWHL, @carolinemakeuptime told me the best bet is going to Bloomingdales.. I went there and spent an hour trying to find something with no luck. Then when I had just one section to go, BAM right there in the middle of it was THE RED. DRESS. LITERALLY THE ONE I ALWAYS DREAMED OF!!!! Only left in my size and fitting me like a glove!!!!! I seriously could not believe it. So wearing it this evening was just beyond special to me, living out that one specific fantasy I had in a better way than I could have ever imagined!!! Thank you SO much to the team that helped me look a million bucks. MU by the not only crazy talented but also absolute beautiful legend of a person who will make you feel loved and make you laugh endlessly, @carolinemakeuptime thank you so much for being you xxx Hair by the talented @bystaceywithlove Gorgeous jewellery by @nicolerosejewelry Xxxx

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Aesha also made sure that to let everyone know that she still thinks Jack is wonderful and that they remain friends.

“He is a wonderful man and a great match for my playful humor which made it an even more fun experience! Don’t worry there is absolutely no hard feelings there. Nothing but love and good memories!”

Are you surprised that Aesha Scott and Jack Stirrup’s Below Deck Mediterranean romance didn’t last?


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