‘Below Deck Med’ Aesha Scott Says Jack Stirrup Cheated Then Ghosted Her

Aesha Scott and Jack Stirrup left the latest season of Below Deck Mediterranean as a couple. Unfortunately for fans of the couple, the romance didn’t last, as Aesha recently reveled in an Instagram story. While Aesha had only good things to say about Jack in her Instagram story, she was less complementary during her Below Deck Mediterranean After Show interview. During that interview, Aesha claimed that Jack not only cheated but didn’t even have the decency to properly break up with her.

Aesha explained that after they left the boat, Jack asked her to go to a wedding with him and his family but then was wishy-washy about the details. When Aesha noticed that  Jack’s supposed ex-girlfriend was watching her Instagram stories, she took a look at her stories. According to Aesha, that’s when she found out that Jack was back with his ex.

“I went over to her stories and I see that she’s on the f**king train with him to the wedding and at the wedding with them and I was just like ‘Holy s**t, how can you be this f**king mean to someone?’ It was such a stab in the back…finally managed to call him and I was like ‘We’re done. I can’t believe you’ll treat me like this blah blah…’ He was was like, ‘What do you mean? Treat you like what?’ And I was like ‘Don’t play f**king games with me.’ And I was like, ‘So you’re f**king her while we’re still together?’ And he was like ‘Yeah.’ And I was just like, ‘F**k you man. That is so f**king sh***y.’ And then I get her messaging me, like um excuse me, can you please stop talking to my boyfriend?'”

Aesha further said that despite all of that, she was still nice to Jack and told him that she still thought well of him despite his mistake, only for Jack to block her from his accounts and completely ignore her.

“And then next thing I know, I’m blocked off everything and he’s like never spoken to me again.”

During his own after show interview, Jack said that his relationship with Aesha was a bit forced.

“To be honest when it got I just thought it was a bit of a forced situation and it wasn’t reality.”

When asked if he was friends with Aesha, he admitted that he wasn’t.

“No we haven’t spoke to be honest. I’d like to be [to be friends with Aesha] but obviously it’s a hard situation to be in ain’t it?”

Yikes! What a d**k move by Jack! Yet it seems that Aesha, since filming the after show interview, has forgiven Jack and moved on from his betrayal. For during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live, which aired right after the finale episode, Aesha said that she has spoken to Jack and that all is well between them.

“We’ve had a discussion about it and we’re in a really good place…I promise everyone it was completely genuine. I think he’s just, he is a young boy with a great heart and he just freaked out and ran home and to what he was familiar with…instead of discussing it with me he just ran to what he knew.”

Asked if she thinks they’ll ever get back together, Aesha quickly said no.

“No, he wants to live in Liverpool, I want to live in New Zealand. I wish him all the best. I certainly love him.”

Do you think Jack Stirrup will regret messing up his relationship with Aesha Scott? Should Aesha return for Below Deck Mediterranean season 5 to try to find love again?

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