‘Below Deck’ Abbi Murphy’s Relationship Update With Patrik

On Monday night’s episode of Below Deck season 7, Abbi Murphy, unhappy with how the yachting was going, abruptly quit. Her decision to quit seemed almost as impulsive as her prior decision to get engaged to her long-distance boyfriend Patrik, which viewers saw play out via text message.

So where is Abbi now? Is she happy she left? Did she actually get married to Patrik and are they still together?

Thankfully, Abbi provided a relationship update via her Instagram page about a week ago. She posted a photo of herself and Patrik after having just gotten married. Abbi proclaimed that she and Patrik are now “happy, sailing, living in Greece.”

In an interview with Bravo.com, Abbi provided more details about her wedding day.

“Neither of us really has much money, and my dad, it’s not like he has much money either or, you know, somebody would fund the wedding. So, we just figured, why not do it this way? It’s easier, less stress, and then we’ll have, you know, friends and family over for a big party, open house type thing. So we went for that option, and it was the best option, I would say. It was so stress-free and wonderful and meaningful.”

As for the lack of an engagement or wedding ring, Abbi said that’s not important to her.

“But working on the boat, it never really seemed, I mean, smart to get a really nice ring because we would just lose them or ruin them or something. So, we just kinda settled for no rings. So, at this point, we have no ring. We tried. For me, spending money on an object like a ring seems kind of pointless because we could spend it on maybe like a trip or a night out, you know?”

After a busy season of sailing charters as a first mate to Patrik, who works as the skipper, Abbi and Patrik are now enjoying some downtime.

“It’s busy when it’s busy. Like, during the seven months of chartering or six months of chartering, it’s like nonstop all the time, but then when you stop, it’s like, right now, I have nothing to do. Like, I literally just eat and I go on my phone and I watch TV shows. Like, me and Patrik watch probably 10 different TV shows that we actually keep up with. I think the fact that we have that much time is pretty sad. So, right now, it’s not so exciting.”

In her interview with Bravo.com, Abbi also explained why she left the show.

“I decided to leave, I would say, for a couple reasons. I wasn’t very comfortable in the situation. I felt like I wasn’t myself in the situation, and, for me, when I feel like I’m defeated by my environment, I wanna excuse myself from it. I know that I made a commitment and it was very hard for me to walk out of that commitment, but I think it was best for myself and it was best for my future — even with my future marriage — that I left.”

Were you disappointed to see Abbi Murphy leave Below Deck? Do you think she made the right decision to leave and get married to Patrik?

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