‘Below Deck’ Abbi Murphy’s Relationship Update With Patrik

On Monday night’s episode of Below Deck season 7, Abbi Murphy, unhappy with how the yachting was going, abruptly quit. Her decision to quit seemed almost as impulsive as her prior decision to get engaged to her long-distance boyfriend Patrik, which viewers saw play out via text message.

So where is Abbi now? Is she happy she left? Did she actually get married to Patrik and are they still together?

Thankfully, Abbi provided a relationship update via her Instagram page about a week ago. She posted a photo of herself and Patrik after having just gotten married. Abbi proclaimed that she and Patrik are now “happy, sailing, living in Greece.”

In an interview with Bravo.com, Abbi provided more details about her wedding day.

“Neither of us really has much money, and my dad, it’s not like he has much money either or, you know, somebody would fund the wedding. So, we just figured, why not do it this way? It’s easier, less stress, and then we’ll have, you know, friends and family over for a big party, open house type thing. So we went for that option, and it was the best option, I would say. It was so stress-free and wonderful and meaningful.”

As for the lack of an engagement or wedding ring, Abbi said that’s not important to her.

“But working on the boat, it never really seemed, I mean, smart to get a really nice ring because we would just lose them or ruin them or something. So, we just kinda settled for no rings. So, at this point, we have no ring. We tried. For me, spending money on an object like a ring seems kind of pointless because we could spend it on maybe like a trip or a night out, you know?”

After a busy season of sailing charters as a first mate to Patrik, who works as the skipper, Abbi and Patrik are now enjoying some downtime.

“It’s busy when it’s busy. Like, during the seven months of chartering or six months of chartering, it’s like nonstop all the time, but then when you stop, it’s like, right now, I have nothing to do. Like, I literally just eat and I go on my phone and I watch TV shows. Like, me and Patrik watch probably 10 different TV shows that we actually keep up with. I think the fact that we have that much time is pretty sad. So, right now, it’s not so exciting.”

In her interview with Bravo.com, Abbi also explained why she left the show.

“I decided to leave, I would say, for a couple reasons. I wasn’t very comfortable in the situation. I felt like I wasn’t myself in the situation, and, for me, when I feel like I’m defeated by my environment, I wanna excuse myself from it. I know that I made a commitment and it was very hard for me to walk out of that commitment, but I think it was best for myself and it was best for my future — even with my future marriage — that I left.”

Were you disappointed to see Abbi Murphy leave Below Deck? Do you think she made the right decision to leave and get married to Patrik?

‘Below Deck Med’ Aesha Scott Says Jack Stirrup Cheated Then Ghosted Her

Aesha Scott and Jack Stirrup left the latest season of Below Deck Mediterranean as a couple. Unfortunately for fans of the couple, the romance didn’t last, as Aesha recently reveled in an Instagram story. While Aesha had only good things to say about Jack in her Instagram story, she was less complementary during her Below Deck Mediterranean After Show interview. During that interview, Aesha claimed that Jack not only cheated but didn’t even have the decency to properly break up with her.

Aesha explained that after they left the boat, Jack asked her to go to a wedding with him and his family but then was wishy-washy about the details. When Aesha noticed that  Jack’s supposed ex-girlfriend was watching her Instagram stories, she took a look at her stories. According to Aesha, that’s when she found out that Jack was back with his ex.

“I went over to her stories and I see that she’s on the f**king train with him to the wedding and at the wedding with them and I was just like ‘Holy s**t, how can you be this f**king mean to someone?’ It was such a stab in the back…finally managed to call him and I was like ‘We’re done. I can’t believe you’ll treat me like this blah blah…’ He was was like, ‘What do you mean? Treat you like what?’ And I was like ‘Don’t play f**king games with me.’ And I was like, ‘So you’re f**king her while we’re still together?’ And he was like ‘Yeah.’ And I was just like, ‘F**k you man. That is so f**king sh***y.’ And then I get her messaging me, like um excuse me, can you please stop talking to my boyfriend?'”

Aesha further said that despite all of that, she was still nice to Jack and told him that she still thought well of him despite his mistake, only for Jack to block her from his accounts and completely ignore her.

“And then next thing I know, I’m blocked off everything and he’s like never spoken to me again.”

During his own after show interview, Jack said that his relationship with Aesha was a bit forced.

“To be honest when it got I just thought it was a bit of a forced situation and it wasn’t reality.”

When asked if he was friends with Aesha, he admitted that he wasn’t.

“No we haven’t spoke to be honest. I’d like to be [to be friends with Aesha] but obviously it’s a hard situation to be in ain’t it?”

Yikes! What a d**k move by Jack! Yet it seems that Aesha, since filming the after show interview, has forgiven Jack and moved on from his betrayal. For during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live, which aired right after the finale episode, Aesha said that she has spoken to Jack and that all is well between them.

“We’ve had a discussion about it and we’re in a really good place…I promise everyone it was completely genuine. I think he’s just, he is a young boy with a great heart and he just freaked out and ran home and to what he was familiar with…instead of discussing it with me he just ran to what he knew.”

Asked if she thinks they’ll ever get back together, Aesha quickly said no.

“No, he wants to live in Liverpool, I want to live in New Zealand. I wish him all the best. I certainly love him.”

Do you think Jack Stirrup will regret messing up his relationship with Aesha Scott? Should Aesha return for Below Deck Mediterranean season 5 to try to find love again?

‘Below Deck Med’ Aesha Scott Gives Jack Stirrup Relationship Update

Are Aesha Scott and Jack Stirrup still together? Since Below Deck Mediterranean season 4 started airing, viewers have watched Aesha and Jack have a very flirtatious relationship with one another. They seem to compliment one another very well, with both being very fun-loving and having a great sense of humor. Then on last night’s episode, it finally happened: Jack asked Aesha to be his girlfriend, complete with rapping, champagne, a huge sign and his shirtless body. Aesha, visibly touched by Jack’s girlfriend proposal, said yes.

Unfortunately for those hoping to see a continuation of Aesha and Jack’s romance, Aesha revealed on an Instagram story shortly after the episode aired that she and Jack are no longer boyfriend and girlfriend.

“For some who haven’t heard, I didn’t want to burst your bubble but yes, we are no longer together. I’m so sorry to the world. Because I know you all really wanted us to be.”

Aesha didn’t give the exact reason for the breakup but pretty much revealed that she and Jack weren’t on the same page in terms of location.

“For things that are personal between Jack and I. But you know what? It’s truly for the best. Because I want to go home and start my life in New Zealand. And he wants to be over in Europe and he’s got all of his life in London…When you’re in yachting you are in such a bubble. And then you leave and you get into your real life. And you kind of have to think about the logistics of everything and it always changes when you leave a boat. It always changes.”

Though the romance didn’t last, Aesha assures viewers that it was real.

“It wasn’t meant to be. But rest assured, we can both genuinely say it wasn’t for screen time. We both genuinely cared about each other and it was all real in the moment.”

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My red dress!!!!!!!! This night meant so much more to me than just appearing on WWHL!! I’ve had this absolute dream ever since I was young of wearing a sexy red dress to an event and just rocking it. I always had such a clear picture of it in my mind and dreamed so many times of the day I would have a chance to fulfill that fantasy, if ever! When I got the call about WWHL, @carolinemakeuptime told me the best bet is going to Bloomingdales.. I went there and spent an hour trying to find something with no luck. Then when I had just one section to go, BAM right there in the middle of it was THE RED. DRESS. LITERALLY THE ONE I ALWAYS DREAMED OF!!!! Only left in my size and fitting me like a glove!!!!! I seriously could not believe it. So wearing it this evening was just beyond special to me, living out that one specific fantasy I had in a better way than I could have ever imagined!!! Thank you SO much to the team that helped me look a million bucks. MU by the not only crazy talented but also absolute beautiful legend of a person who will make you feel loved and make you laugh endlessly, @carolinemakeuptime thank you so much for being you xxx Hair by the talented @bystaceywithlove Gorgeous jewellery by @nicolerosejewelry Xxxx

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Aesha also made sure that to let everyone know that she still thinks Jack is wonderful and that they remain friends.

“He is a wonderful man and a great match for my playful humor which made it an even more fun experience! Don’t worry there is absolutely no hard feelings there. Nothing but love and good memories!”

Are you surprised that Aesha Scott and Jack Stirrup’s Below Deck Mediterranean romance didn’t last?


Danni Baird on Kathryn Dennis’ and Madison LeCroy’s Friendship

On the current season of Southern Charm, Austen Kroll’s on-again, off-again girlfriend, Madison LeCroy, has caused quite some ruckus. The biggest one surely was when she, during an argument with Shep Rose, blurted out that she heard that Shep had given Danni Baird chlamydia when they dated years ago. Madison later claimed that Austen was the one who told her that. Both Shep and Danni quickly denied the claim, while Austen blew up at Madison for opening her mouth.

After the dust settled a bit, Madison sought out Kathryn Dennis’ advice on apologizing to Danni. Kathryn, despite being one of Danni’s best friends, didn’t outright ostracize Madison for what she did to Danni. In fact, Kathryn and Madison actually bonded with one another and shared some laughs.

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✌🏼out chs #nyc

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So what does Danni think of Kathryn being friends with Madison? True to her ever rational persona, Danni said that Kathryn’s friendship with Madison doesn’t bother her. In an interview for the Southern Charm After Show, Danni, sitting alongside Kathryn, said that she doesn’t care if Kathryn is friends with Madison.

“I don’t care if she’s friends with Madison. She can identify with Madison in a totally different way than my association with her….doesn’t affect our relationship.”

Kathryn pointed out that Madison seemed to have genuine remorse for what she did to Danni. Kathryn also pointed out that she has, in the past, blurted out things in anger and exhibited crazy behavior.

Kathryn did admit, however, that she’s still getting to know Madison and that she finds people who “just throw s**t out in the air and see what sticks” dangerous. She also maintained that “Danni’s [her] best friend, always.”

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we out here just moonwalking 🌈🍦

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In a recent interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Danni again denied that Shep gave her chlamydia when they were dating and blasted Madison for spreading such a rumor. Danni also made it clear that she has no problems with Kathryn being friends with Madison.

“I have no problems with them hanging out. I really don’t care. I’ve always been really protective of Kathryn, and I’m a little bit fearful that she’s put herself in a really dangerous situation by befriending her on any further level than they are right now. Right now it’s very surface, but time will tell. We’ll see,” she said. “Kathryn, she’s my ride or die, so I’m not too concerned about that.”

Gizelle Bryant Reveals Big Detail About Ashley Darby’s Prenup With Michael

Why does Ashley Darby stay with Michael despite all of the controversy around their marriage and in particular, his sexuality? Ashley’s The Real Housewives of Potomac co-star Gizelle Bryant doesn’t seem to think it’s because she’s really in love with her husband and believes that the claims regarding his sexuality and behavior are unfounded. Rather, Gizelle actually recently implied that Ashley stays because of the prenup.

During Sunday’s Watch What Happens Live, during the after show, a caller asked Gizelle why she thinks Ashley stays with Michael despite all of the controversy. The called asked Gizelle if she thinks Ashley and Michael have an “arrangement.” Gizelle first said that Ashley and Michael love one another.

“Um, they do love each other.”

But then Gizelle couldn’t help but add in some shade.

“But there’s a nice prenup and um….I think it ends in five years, or probably four-and-a half. You heard it here first.”

Yikes! Ashley Darby is probably now questioning her decision to invite Gizelle Bryant to her baby shower!

Do you think Ashley marriage to Michael Darby will last? Do you think they have an “arrangement”?

Brooke Laughton Blasts Joao Franco’s Claim That She Cheated On Him

Did Brooke Laughton really cheat on Joao Franco? After Below Deck Mediterranean season 4 premiered on Monday night, Brooke went on Instagram to blast Joao’s claim that she cheated on him.

On last season’s Below Deck Med, Joao was the bad boy who seemed destined to break Brooke’s heart. Despite warnings from their cast mates and skepticism from the general public, Brooke followed her heart and embarked on a relationship with Joao. For a time, it seemed that the two were proving all their critics wrong, continuing their relationship off-camera after the season ended.

Yet on the season 4 premiere, Joao, who returned for another season alongside Colin Macy-O’Toole and Hannah Ferrier, said that his relationship with Brooke ended because she cheated on him.

Regarding Brooke, Joao said that they  had a serious relationship and they had even met one anther’s families. But then Brooke cheated and didn’t want to work on the relationship.

“Things seemed perfect but I found out she cheated on me…I really really loved her. I really wanted it to work but even so, she didn’t want to, so what can I do?”

After the episode aired, Brooke posted a risque photo of herself and captioned it “Sassy.”

She was definitely sassy in her responses to viewers who questioned her about Joao claim that she cheated. Brooke blasted Joao as someone who’s “not a good person from the core” and quipped that while she didn’t cheat on him, she should have.

“wolfnan99: Who knew you’d turn out to be a cheater!!??

brookelaughton: Consider your source…”

“rezzboy45: But really did you cheat on him or nah.

brookelaughton: @rezzboy45 I should have, but no”

“joddlelynn: @brookelaughton Why did you guys break up?

brookelaughton: @joddlelynn because he is not a good person from the core..”

Joao has since moved on to another love.

Do you really think Brooke Laughton cheated on Joao Franco? Do you think Joao’s new relationship will last?


Danni Baird Shows Proof That Austen Kroll’s GF Madison LeCroy Was Hitting On Her BF Gentry

*Update: See Danni’s tweet at the bottom of the article for an update regarding her relationship with Gentry. Plus, Gentry speaks!

Madison LeCroy really trying to get with Danni Baird’s boyfriend, Gentry Todd, despite the fact that she was already in a relationship with Austen Kroll? According to Danni, Madison really did try to steal her man behind Austen’s back.

After the latest Southern Charm episode aired, in which Craig Conover and and Shep Rose warned Austen about what Madison did, Danni outed Madison on Instagram. Danni made it clear that she was having none of Madison’s denial by posting a snapshot of the text that Craig and Shep warned Austen about.

Danni also warned Madison that she’s not one to mess with a snappy caption.

“Here’s the deal…. Was trying to be a girls girl… but if you wanna play that game…”

Skeptics however may point out that the snapshot really just proves that Madison’s friend sent that text but doesn’t definitely prove that Madison actually wanted to cheat on Austen with Gentry. Maybe Madison made an innocent comment about how attractive Gentry was and Madison’s friend took it too far? Or perhaps this friend, for whatever reason, was trying to stir up drama and/or break up Madison and Austen. According to Madison, she wasn’t actually trying to cheat on Austen.

It’s unclear whether Madison and Austen are even still together, especially since Austen recently put Madison on blast on Twitter after her appearance on Watch What Happens Live. Poor Madison, she’s just getting hit from left and right. It’s also unclear if Danni is still together with this Gentry, since her social media pages show no traces of him.

Do you think Madison LeCroy is good for Austen Kroll? Would you be afraid to be on the wrong side of Danni Baird?

Update: Nope, Danni and Gentry aren’t together.

And here’s Gentry Todd’s side of the story:


Kathryn Dennis On Beau Hunter Price Meeting Ex Thomas Ravenel

The premiere of Southern Charm season 6 showed Kathryn Dennis dealing with the news that her ex and father of her two children, Thomas Ravenel, had been arrested upon allegations of rape from the kids’ former nanny. Kathryn admitted that she was shocked by the news, saddened to see his mug shot and even more shocked that Thomas didn’t tell her the news himself. She also told friend Danni Baird that upon seeing Thomas for the first time after his arrest, for a kid’s doctor appointment, he seemed to be in denial about the serious matter.

Another thing that Thomas apparently was in denial over was knowing about Kathryn’s new relationship with country singer Hunter Price.

On Wednesday nights Watch What Happens Live, Kathryn revealed that Thomas pretended as if he didn’t know who Hunter was upon meeting him at their daughter’s birthday party.

“It was extremely awkward. Thomas knows very much who he is and he walked up to him and said, ‘Who are you? Oh, nice to meet you.’ And that was it. It was at Kensie’s birthday party, and that was that.'”

Kathryn also said that she and Hunter, whom she met on New Year’s, are doing good together but people shouldn’t be expecting a wedding anytime soon.

“It’s good. Everything’s great between us but there are no bells ringing anytime soon for me.”

Now that Thomas Ravenel is out of Southern Charm, perhaps it’ll be Hunter Price we’ll be seeing with Kathryn Dennis? Or do you think Kathryn and Hunter should keep their relationship off of the show?

Austen Kroll Blasts Madison LeCroy After She Admits On ‘WWHL’ That She Cheated In Retaliation

Will Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy’s relationship last until the end of Southern Charm season 6? Judging by Austen’s latest tweet about the hairstylist, perhaps they’ve even broken up already but are keeping it under wraps?!

The premiere of season 6 showed Austen in a new relationship with Madison, a hairstylist who is friends with Naomie Olindo and Patricia Altschul. Yet drama was quickly introduced, in the form of a secret video that presumably showed Austen cheating on Madison with not one but two women. The video, apparently planted by one of the women, showed Madison angrily confronting Austen and the two women. They all denied that they had sexual relations.

On Wednesday night’s Watch What Happens Live, Madison, who was in the audience, said that she believes that Austen definitely cheated on her with those women. Madison also said that she then cheated on Austen in retaliation and that she told Austen about what she did.

“Yes I did [cheat and tell Austen]. I said, ‘Well it looks like to me, like um, hall pass, like I can do whatever…'”

Yet according to Austen, Madison did not.

Well publicly blasting one’s girlfriend on national TV doesn’t bode well for the relationship does it?

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ILY from my head to my toes @krollthewarriorking

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So far, both Austen and Madison are still posting photos of one another on their Instagram accounts and they haven’t specifically said whether they’re actually still in a relationship together. Most likely, they’ll keep the status of their relationship under wraps until the end of this Southern Charm season.

Do you think Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy are a good match?

‘RHOP’ Katie Rost Now In a New Relationship; Living Part-Time In California

Tonight marks the return of The Real Housewives of Potomac. And for the many fans who have stayed with the show since season 1, there was a big surprise when Bravo dropped the trailer for season 4 a few months back: the return of Katie Rost.

Katie made a big splash when she was a starring cast member of the first season cast, famously battling Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon on their racial heritage and trying to get a proposal from her long-time beau Andrew Martin. On the reunion show, sitting next to Karen Huger, Katie dropped the bombshell that she and Andrew, who had finally proposed on the season finale, had broken up, while Gizelle retaliated by claiming that Katie peed on the couch when they were doing a promotional shoot for the show. Since then, Katie has been absent from the show for two seasons.

Not to fear, the trailer for season 4 shows that Katie returns with a big splash, even going so far as getting topless with Ashley Darby. While not a full-time cast member, viewers will see her on the new season in a recurring role. So what has she been up to since season 1?

There has certainly been a lot of drama in Katie’s life. After Andrew, was Jacob, with whom she was expecting a child earlier this year. While she was with Jacob and expecting her fourth child, she publicly claimed that her ex-husband, James Orsini, was abusive, physically, sexually and verbally, to her during their marriage. At the time, Katie and her ex were engaged in a bitter custody battle over their three kids.

Sadly, Katie miscarried the baby. She blamed the miscarriage on the stress over her custody battle with her ex. You can read all of the details on the alleged abuse and their ongoing custody battle here.

After the miscarriage in late February, Katie and Jacob’s relationship ended and she deleted all photos of him from her Instagram account. Now, she’s in a relationship with Jesse, with whom she lives with part-time in California, around Beverly Hills.

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Me and Jesse

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Not surprisingly, Katie’s new relationship has drawn some critics. Some have bewildering asked what happened to Jacob and how she could be with a new man so soon after the miscarriage. Yet Katie’s taking the criticism in stride. In response to one person who wrote to her that she doesn’t waste time moving on, Katie said that she “cant stop, wont stop.”


“jenniferf9620: You don’t waste time moving on.

mskatierost: @jenniferf9620 cant stop, wont stop”

Katie’s personal life certainly provides a lot of material for reality TV! Are you excited to see Katie Rost’s return to The Real Housewives of Potomac?