Benoit Beausejour-Savard Reacts To Jordan Kimball And Jenna Cooper’s Split; ‘Bachelor’ Exec Fuels Speculation That Jordan Is Next Bachelor


Benoit Beausejour-Savard has reacted to the shocking news that Jordan Kimball has decided to end his engagement to Jenna Cooper after damning texts supposedly from her were publicly released. Whose side is Benoit on?

On the Bachelor in Paradise reunion show that aired on Tuesday night, viewers saw Jordan and Jenna continue to be the loved up couple they were while filming Paradise. Not only that, they also saw a short clip of Jordan visiting Jenna in her home, where they continued talking about their future children. Also, Jordan announced their wedding date and asked host Chris Harrison to officiate their wedding, which Chris agreed to do without hesitation. Yet just prior to the reunion show airing, Reality Steve published texts that Jenna supposedly sent to her lover in which she declared that her relationship with Jordan was fake, that she’s doing the relationship for money, that she doesn’t even like Jordan, that she’s better than him, and that she’ll break up with him soon. Jenna even supposedly told this man, in graphic terms, how she was going to perform oral sex on him.

While Jenna has continued to deny the texts, Jordan has come out saying that he believes them to be true and that he has decided to end the relationship.

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To think, to feel, to fall. These emotions interact with experiences and people, when you find a person you think about them, you feel when they feel and sometimes you fall. When you’re in love with even the experiences you’ve had with them it’s something to respect. Being careless with someone that you give your heart to and reach milestones with isn’t sensible no matter what the terms may be. I have not had an easy life and having struggles allows me to grab onto tough times and discard them from my path. I deal with unreasonable circumstances reasonably and have come to terms with a decision to remove myself from the relationship, it breaks my heart to think, feel and fall for this. It’s dropped me. Fumbling emotions and being understanding is not easy. I’ll be taking time to pursue my inner peace and she will always have me to talk to, if you’ve reached out to me, allow me time. Thank you to those that have.

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As viewers saw on Paradise, Benoit pursued Jenna, much to the chagrin of Jordan. Benoit and Jenna enjoyed a great date and he was hopeful that she would choose him over Jordan. Jordan, fighting for Jenna, exchanged some heated words with Benoit. On the reunion show, Benoit and Jordan continued their fighting. Benoit criticized how Jordan talked about women while Jordan snidely pointed out that he won Jenna and that Benoit doesn’t have a woman. At one point, Jordan even brought up Benoit’s ex-fiancee Clare Crawley, which prompted Benoit to furiously declare that Clare’s a great woman and to warn Jordan to never bring her up again.

Yet Benoit Beausejour-Savard has now put aside their differences . In response to Jordan’s Instagram post about his split from Jenna, Benoit gave Jordan his sympathy. Benoit admitted that he’s “shocked” about what happened and told Jordan to stay the strong guy that he knows.

“benoitbeausejour: From the bottom of my heart and even though things were pretty rocky between us, I’m sorry about what happened to you man. I’m shocked about this but i cannot even imagine what you are going through. I feel for you. Stay the strong guy that I know 💪🏼”
Amid the shocking development that Jenna Cooper might have duped everyone all along, many viewers have called for Jordan Kimball to be the next Bachelor star. Of course, the franchise has already declared Colton Underwood as its next star. But could Jordan share the spotlight with Colton? After all, there was one season that started off with two Bachelorettes: Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nelson. Or could they actually do a last minute switcheroo?
On Wednesday, Bachelor creator and producer Mike Fleiss sent fans in a tizzy with these texts:



Jubilee Sharpe On Leaving ‘BIP’ After John Graham’s Rejection

Jubilee Sharpe’s return to Bachelor in Paradise looked promising after she went on a good date with John Graham and John later gave her his rose instead of to Caroline Lunny. Unfortunately for viewers who liked seeing Jubilee and John together and hoped to see their relationship grow, not long after Caroline went home, Jubilee herself left paradise. Even worse for her fans, the show hardly gave any attention to her departure. Viewers got just a few seconds of footage of John telling Jubilee that he wants to just be friends and Jubilee leaving with her suitcase. There was no footage of Jubilee explaining why she decided to leave Paradise despite the fact that she already had a rose and thus was safe from elimination for at least another week. Was she so heartbroken from John’s rejection that she didn’t want to wait around to see if any other men would show up?

A viewer asked Jubilee why she left via Instagram despite John’s rejection considering the fact that she already had a rose.

“kimsaff: Just because John didn’t see anything happening doesn’t mean you had to leave? You had a rose. Why didn’t you stick around to see if you had a connection with someone else?”

With her response, Jubilee gave John a bit of a dig. It seems that she didn’t want to just keep going on dates with people like how viewers are seeing John do now. Jubilee explained that she “didn’t want to turn into a ‘John.'” She added that “that’s not [her] style.”

“jubilee1991: @kimsaff because I didn’t want to turn into a ‘John.’ That’s not my style🤷‍♀️🙈”


On the last Bachelor in Paradise episode, after Jubilee Sharpe’s sudden departure, John Graham went on a date with newcomer Olivia Goetals. John’s decision to go on a date with Olivia disappointed Chelsea Roy.  After all, she had just sent home Benoit Beausejour-Savard, who was smitten with her, by giving her rose to John instead of Benoit. Not surprisingly, John has taken some heat from viewers over his behavior. Instead of getting his feathers ruffled though, he’s taking the criticism in stride. Just take a look at his response to someone who actually told him on Instagram that she “f**king hates [his] ass” and that he needs to leave paradise for the sake of others.
“johngraham262: @ximi.nataly THANK YOU FOR YOUR ENLIGHTENING FEEDBACK”


This Is What Tia Booth Seemingly Has To Say About Bekah Martinez Slamming Her And Colton Underwood

What does Tia Booth have to say about Bekah Martinez publicly accusing her and Colton Underwood of deceiving Becca Kufrin? Apparently, Tia thinks that Bekah accused her without any good reason and that people shouldn’t believe what someone from “the sidelines” has to say.

While Tia and Colton was off filming Bachelor in Paradise, Bekah posted several tweets that accused Tia and Colton of lying to Becca. Remember how on The Bachelorette, Tia and Colton told Becca that despite having gone on a date prior to the show filming, they had no romantic feelings for one another? Tia told Becca that she was fine with her dating Colton. Colton reassured Becca that he was there for her and not because he thought Tia was going to be the Bachelorette. Yet according to Bekah, Tia and Colton planned all along to get back together on Bachelor in Paradise. Bekah later apologized for putting Tia and Colton on blast but maintained that her opinion is justified.

Now that filming for Bachelor in Paradise season 5 has just finished, Tia is back in the real world and surely seen for her own eyes what Bekah wrote about her. Tia immediately put up some telling posts. In one, she said that “the average dog is a nicer person than the average person.”

In another, she cautioned people to not believe everything they see on the Internet, “especially from those screaming from the sidelines.”

On Twitter, Tia pointedly wrote that the “the level at which people can fabricate s**t with little to no info is even more impressive.”

For what it’s worth, Bekah is now approving of Colton. She actually just wrote for a Bustle opinion piece that she thinks that Colton actually didn’t have an ulterior motive in pursuing Becca.

“Colton got the only one-on-one this week, and I was pleasantly surprised with how it went. Colton seems genuinely into Becca, and I’m beginning to believe that he’s genuinely here for her and not because he believed Tia would be the Bachelorette. I’m glad that their conversations are no longer lingering on that whole situation, and they truly seem to be developing a meaningful relationship.”

What does Bachelorette Becca think of the drama between her two friends? She sent out a tweet reminding Bekah that queens should support queens.

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summer solstice has me feelin’ some type of way

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As for whether viewers will see another showdown between Bekah Martinez and Tia Booth and Bekah questioning Colton Underwood on Bachelor in Paradise, the answer may be no. Shockingly, when the initial cast for season 5 was announced, Bekah wasn’t on the list. Obviously, Colton wasn’t included since he’s still in the running for Becca Kufrin on the current The Bachelorette episodes. Perhaps Bekah, who has so far stayed silent on her BIP appearance, will be a surprise late comer?