Benoit Beausejour-Savard Reacts To Jordan Kimball And Jenna Cooper’s Split; ‘Bachelor’ Exec Fuels Speculation That Jordan Is Next Bachelor


Benoit Beausejour-Savard has reacted to the shocking news that Jordan Kimball has decided to end his engagement to Jenna Cooper after damning texts supposedly from her were publicly released. Whose side is Benoit on?

On the Bachelor in Paradise reunion show that aired on Tuesday night, viewers saw Jordan and Jenna continue to be the loved up couple they were while filming Paradise. Not only that, they also saw a short clip of Jordan visiting Jenna in her home, where they continued talking about their future children. Also, Jordan announced their wedding date and asked host Chris Harrison to officiate their wedding, which Chris agreed to do without hesitation. Yet just prior to the reunion show airing, Reality Steve published texts that Jenna supposedly sent to her lover in which she declared that her relationship with Jordan was fake, that she’s doing the relationship for money, that she doesn’t even like Jordan, that she’s better than him, and that she’ll break up with him soon. Jenna even supposedly told this man, in graphic terms, how she was going to perform oral sex on him.

While Jenna has continued to deny the texts, Jordan has come out saying that he believes them to be true and that he has decided to end the relationship.

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To think, to feel, to fall. These emotions interact with experiences and people, when you find a person you think about them, you feel when they feel and sometimes you fall. When you’re in love with even the experiences you’ve had with them it’s something to respect. Being careless with someone that you give your heart to and reach milestones with isn’t sensible no matter what the terms may be. I have not had an easy life and having struggles allows me to grab onto tough times and discard them from my path. I deal with unreasonable circumstances reasonably and have come to terms with a decision to remove myself from the relationship, it breaks my heart to think, feel and fall for this. It’s dropped me. Fumbling emotions and being understanding is not easy. I’ll be taking time to pursue my inner peace and she will always have me to talk to, if you’ve reached out to me, allow me time. Thank you to those that have.

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As viewers saw on Paradise, Benoit pursued Jenna, much to the chagrin of Jordan. Benoit and Jenna enjoyed a great date and he was hopeful that she would choose him over Jordan. Jordan, fighting for Jenna, exchanged some heated words with Benoit. On the reunion show, Benoit and Jordan continued their fighting. Benoit criticized how Jordan talked about women while Jordan snidely pointed out that he won Jenna and that Benoit doesn’t have a woman. At one point, Jordan even brought up Benoit’s ex-fiancee Clare Crawley, which prompted Benoit to furiously declare that Clare’s a great woman and to warn Jordan to never bring her up again.

Yet Benoit Beausejour-Savard has now put aside their differences . In response to Jordan’s Instagram post about his split from Jenna, Benoit gave Jordan his sympathy. Benoit admitted that he’s “shocked” about what happened and told Jordan to stay the strong guy that he knows.

“benoitbeausejour: From the bottom of my heart and even though things were pretty rocky between us, I’m sorry about what happened to you man. I’m shocked about this but i cannot even imagine what you are going through. I feel for you. Stay the strong guy that I know 💪🏼”
Amid the shocking development that Jenna Cooper might have duped everyone all along, many viewers have called for Jordan Kimball to be the next Bachelor star. Of course, the franchise has already declared Colton Underwood as its next star. But could Jordan share the spotlight with Colton? After all, there was one season that started off with two Bachelorettes: Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nelson. Or could they actually do a last minute switcheroo?
On Wednesday, Bachelor creator and producer Mike Fleiss sent fans in a tizzy with these texts:



Becca Kufrin Chimes In On Beka Martinez’s Twitter Feud With Raven Gates Over Tia Booth And Colton Underwood

What does Becca Kufrin think of the Twitter spat that happened between Bekah Martinez and Raven Gates over the weekend after Bekah publicly accused Tia Booth and Colton Underwood of playing Becca? Apparently, Becca thinks that it was all unnecessary and that rather than fighting, Bekah and Tia should be supporting one another.




On Tuesday, Bekah posted a series of tweets that apologized for putting Tia and Colton on blast and then getting into an argument with Raven after Raven stood up for Tia. If you missed the drama, basically Bachelor in Paradise season 5 is currently filming in Mexico. Two people there are Tia and Colton. After Bekah saw a photo of Tia and Colton enjoying a date on Paradise, she accused the two of pretending to not be into one another on Becca’s season of Bachelorette when all along they were planning to later get together on Paradise.

There’s certainly no love lost between Bekah and Tia. Bekah, as you may, recall cried and lashed out at Tia after learning that Tia told Arie Luyendyk Jr. on The Bachelor that she thinks that Bekah is too young for him. Immediately after Bekah posted her tweet, Tia’s friend, Raven, put Bekah on blast for “talking s**t,” which in turn led to Bekah and Raven slamming one another on Twitter. It got so bad that Raven eventually blocked Bekah.

Look here and here for the tweet-by-tweet of the drama.

After Bekah tweeted her apology for how she went about the matter, she admitted that it’s sometimes a struggle to balance out her public relations side and her real housewives side. Becca told her to “go happy medium” and “channel [her] Ru’s Drag Race side,” which means “queens supporting queens,” unless someone crosses the line then it’s time to “read” someone.

While Becca Kufrin wants everyone to be to civil with one another and Bekah Martinez has apologized, it’s not clear if she has apologized directly and personally to Tia Booth and Raven Gates. Raven has yet to comment on Bekah’s public apology. After her apology, Bekah posted another tweet that again accused Tia and Colton of not being innocent.

What’s gonna happen when Tia leaves Paradise, with or without Colton Underwood, and learns what Bekah said about her? Something tells me the peace won’t last long!


Lesley Murphy Shades Ex Dean Unglert By Comparing Him To Becca Kufrin Contestant Jordan Kimball

The Bachelor and Bachelor Winter Games alum Lesley Murphy took a dig at her ex Dean Unglert while watching the premiere of Becca Kufrin’s Bachelorette season last Monday night. Among Becca’s suitors, one contestant who stood out, for all of the wrong reasons many would day, was 26-year-old male model Jordan Kimball. Jordan hilariously came across as narcissistic, vain and delusional, with a complete lack of self-awareness.

Lesley apparently believes that those qualities perfectly describe Dean. In a scathing tweet, Lesley likened Jordan to Dean.

As you probably remember, Dean was one of the final four on Rachel Lindsay’s Bachelorette season. On that season, he came across as a vulnerable, genuine and sincere young man with a painful family story. Yet when he appeared later on the spin-off Bachelor in Paradise, he quickly became the summer’s villain due to his pursuit of both Kristina Schulman and Danielle Lombard. He refused to choose between the two women, choosing instead to keep things open with both. Obviously, that didn’t sit well with Kristina, Danielle or Bachelor Nation and so Dean ultimately found himself not only single but on on viewers’ s**t list.

But when Bachelor Winter Games came along early this year, Dean redeemed himself by quickly getting into a relationship with Lesley. When Lesley brought up her concerns to Dean about his “player” reputation and what happened with Kristina and Danielle, Dean assured her that he was ready and willing to be in a committed relationship with her. On the finale show, Dean even got down on one knee and presented Lesley with a key to his place.

Yet the romance quickly fizzled. In April, Lesley confirmed that she and Dean broke up and in her statement to People, made it pretty clear that they broke up because Dean wasn’t willing to commit to her.

“I know it’s imperative to find someone who chooses us and acknowledges our many layers, who can be open and vulnerable, and most importantly, who is ready. To meet someone and be met. To be chosen and to choose. To love and to be loved. This is everything. All we need is that same energy reciprocated, and despite how open and loving you attempt to be, people can only meet you as deeply as they’ve met themselves. Don’t be afraid to be the one that loved the most and give everything you had, because you’ve got to find people who love like you do and who are ready.  Out with the old, in with the TRUE. It was a long winter, and I’m excited for a new season. Let the spring cleaning commence. I’m ready.”

So what do you think? Is Dean Unglert realy as bad as Jordan Kimball? Was Lesley Murphy just a bit too savage with her tweet?

Lauren Burnham Feels ‘Bullied’ By Reporter Who Brought Up What Becca Kufrin Said About Her

Just hours prior to the premiere of Becca Kufrin’s The Bachelorette season, Lauren Burnham caused a bit of stir on social media. How so? Lauren sent a tweet about the GQ feature that profiled her and Arie Luyendyk Jr. Apparently, Lauren feels as if she was “bullied” by the reporter and that the reporter “crossed a line.”

As everyone knows, Arie broke off his engagement with Becca in order to go back to Lauren in front of The Bachelor cameras, leaving Becca to cry pitifully on the couch and then the bathroom. Arie then proposed to Lauren on the After the Final Rose finale and watched as Becca was announced as the next Bachelorette. For the GQ profile, the reporter spent a lot of time with Arie and Lauren in hopes of figuring out if they’re really as bad as they were portrayed on the show or if they are simply people who were edited badly and misled by the show’s producers.

The interview between the reporter and the couple, which took place in Arie’s hometown and Lauren’s new home of Phoenix, seemed to go really well. She spent alone time with both Arie and Lauren as well as with both of them together. She gave her opinion that Arie seems like a really nice guy who is completely trusting of people. She wrote that Arie conveyed to her that he is simply a somewhat dorky guy who is actually uncomfortable with all of the fame, who genuinely made a mistake with Becca and who truly loves Lauren. As for Lauren, the reporter wrote that contrary to how the show portrayed her, she actually does have a personality. According to Arie and Lauren, she was edited to make it seem as if she doesn’t have a personality and can’t hold a conversation. There was also the fact that Lauren simply isn’t comfortable in front of cameras.

Here’s where things went wrong. The reporter, during a solo interview with Lauren, asked her about what Becca had said about her, that she “would challenge [Arie] a lot more” than Lauren and that she, unlike Lauren, would “really want an equal partnership.” The reporter bringing this fact up apparently really upset Lauren, which then really upset Arie. Check out the following excerpt from the GQ article:

I was driving back to my Airbnb from Arie’s condo when I get a text from him. I’ve just interviewed Lauren one-on-one, and it was a difficult conversation. I asked her about what it was like when Arie broke up with her (“I was just really confused”), her family’s reaction to her taking him back (“My dad was a little concerned [at first] about him changing his mind again”), and whether she was hurt that he’d initially proposed to someone else (“People make mistakes, and he said he would spend the rest of his life making it up to me”). I also asked her about Becca’s comment on the finale that she “would challenge him a lot more” than Lauren and that Becca—unlike Lauren—would “really want an equal partnership.”

She and Arie didn’t watch the finale, so this was the first she’d heard of the comment.

“It makes me feel a little upset that people don’t think that I would be an equal partner with Arie,” Lauren tells me. She owned her own business—a home staging company with her mom—and says she was the top sales representative at another company. Her dad was in the Navy, and she moved all around the country, making friends wherever she went. “I’m a very strong independent woman,” she says. “Just because I had a little bit of a breakdown on the show, because I wasn’t great in that environment, doesn’t mean I’m not a strong person.” As we wrapped up our interview, I could tell she was unsettled by the comment. We’d all planned to meet up at a karting track later that evening, so we hugged goodbye and I headed back to my Airbnb to change.

Then I got a text from Arie.

“I don’t know how the conversation went on your end but Lauren is really upset,” Arie wrote. “I agreed to do this because I believed it would be positive and shed light on who I am [and] in no way did I want to make Lauren upset. I think our interview is done.”

In subsequent texts, he told me our time together felt like “a tabloid interview,” and that he would have ABC reach out to my editor. I’ve come to really like Arie over my two days eating and house hunting with him in Scottsdale, so his unceremonious about-face catches me off-guard. He eventually refused to participate further in the story, canceling a planned photoshoot. Suffice it to say I did not receive a rose.

So was Lauren Burnham “bullied” by the reporter bringing up what Becca Kufrin had said about her? Was Arie Luyendyk Jr. right in immediately taking Lauren’s side and treating the reporter in such a way? Lauren’s tweet about being “bullied” received mostly negative responses, with most people telling her that she wasn’t bullied and that the reporter was just doing her job. Some even accused her of trying to steal Becca’s thunder as the new Bachelorette by sending such a tweet the day of her season premiere. What do you think?

Kevin Wendt And Caila Quinn React To Ashley Iaconetti And Jared Haibon Dating News

UPDATE: Be sure to continue reading for Caila Quinn’s reaction.

Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon have just sent the biggest shocker through Bachelor Nation by announcing that they are now officially dating. Not only dating but in LOVE! As part of Ashley’s show The Story of Us, Ashley and Jared gave a very detailed explanation of how they went from unrequited love (on Ashley’s part) to official coupledom after three years. Ashley further celebrated their love in a tweet that declared that the love was worth the wait.

So what does Kevin Wendt, Ashley’s former boyfriend whom she met and got together with on Bachelor Winter Games think of her now being with Jared? Kevin actually had something very sweet to say to Ashley. He told her that he’s happy for her and Jared and that Jared’s a lucky man.

Many people commented to tell Kevin what a great guy he is for giving such a classy and loving response. They also told him that they wish love for him too.

Ashley’s The Story of Us, a digital series that premiered Feb. 1 on KineticContentTV, shows Ashley interviewing successful couples and talking about their love stories. Regarding their own love story, Jared revealed that he realized that Ashley was the woman for him and went after her. The timing was off however because Ashley had just gotten off Bachelor Winter Games, where she got together with Kevin Wendt. According to Ashley, she still gave a relationship with Kevin a shot.

 “I thought ‘Okay, well that’s everything I’ve ever wanted, but I’m definitely gonna continue dating this other guy.’ I do like him. He’s pursued me … he’s been all in the entire time and I deserve to pursue somebody else and for somebody else to pursue me after all this time.”

Ashley then said that as Winter Games was airing, she knew that Kevin wasn’t the right guy for her and so broke up with him. She also maintained that she didn’t cheat on Kevin with Jared.

“I just knew in my heart at that point that it wasn’t right with Kevin. I ended the relationship because it had run its course, and then Jared was still there.”

Kevin Wendt and Ashley broke up in March, after which Jared successfully pursued Ashley.

UPDATE: Caila Quinn has also responded to the big news. As you may recall, on Bachelor in Paradise season 3, Caila and Jared hit it off, only for Ashley to come in between them. Ashley believed that Caila was completely wrong for Jared and accused her of betraying their friendship by pursuing Jared when she knew of her love for Jared. The drama became too much and Caila decided to go home early. Jared followed her out. They then dated for a few weeks before splitting. Ashley later publicly accused Caila of just faking a relationship with Jared for publicity and her own image.

Without mentioning their names but only the name of Ashley’s show, Caila said that everything worked out in the end and gave her congratulations.

Well with Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon’s friends Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert and Carly Waddell and Evan Bass married and parents, perhaps the next Bachelor Nation wedding will be Ashley and Jared? After all, Ashley has certainly shown that she loves hard and fast!