‘Below Deck Med’ Aesha Scott Says Jack Stirrup Cheated Then Ghosted Her

Aesha Scott and Jack Stirrup left the latest season of Below Deck Mediterranean as a couple. Unfortunately for fans of the couple, the romance didn’t last, as Aesha recently reveled in an Instagram story. While Aesha had only good things to say about Jack in her Instagram story, she was less complementary during her Below Deck Mediterranean After Show interview. During that interview, Aesha claimed that Jack not only cheated but didn’t even have the decency to properly break up with her.

Aesha explained that after they left the boat, Jack asked her to go to a wedding with him and his family but then was wishy-washy about the details. When Aesha noticed that  Jack’s supposed ex-girlfriend was watching her Instagram stories, she took a look at her stories. According to Aesha, that’s when she found out that Jack was back with his ex.

“I went over to her stories and I see that she’s on the f**king train with him to the wedding and at the wedding with them and I was just like ‘Holy s**t, how can you be this f**king mean to someone?’ It was such a stab in the back…finally managed to call him and I was like ‘We’re done. I can’t believe you’ll treat me like this blah blah…’ He was was like, ‘What do you mean? Treat you like what?’ And I was like ‘Don’t play f**king games with me.’ And I was like, ‘So you’re f**king her while we’re still together?’ And he was like ‘Yeah.’ And I was just like, ‘F**k you man. That is so f**king sh***y.’ And then I get her messaging me, like um excuse me, can you please stop talking to my boyfriend?'”

Aesha further said that despite all of that, she was still nice to Jack and told him that she still thought well of him despite his mistake, only for Jack to block her from his accounts and completely ignore her.

“And then next thing I know, I’m blocked off everything and he’s like never spoken to me again.”

During his own after show interview, Jack said that his relationship with Aesha was a bit forced.

“To be honest when it got I just thought it was a bit of a forced situation and it wasn’t reality.”

When asked if he was friends with Aesha, he admitted that he wasn’t.

“No we haven’t spoke to be honest. I’d like to be [to be friends with Aesha] but obviously it’s a hard situation to be in ain’t it?”

Yikes! What a d**k move by Jack! Yet it seems that Aesha, since filming the after show interview, has forgiven Jack and moved on from his betrayal. For during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live, which aired right after the finale episode, Aesha said that she has spoken to Jack and that all is well between them.

“We’ve had a discussion about it and we’re in a really good place…I promise everyone it was completely genuine. I think he’s just, he is a young boy with a great heart and he just freaked out and ran home and to what he was familiar with…instead of discussing it with me he just ran to what he knew.”

Asked if she thinks they’ll ever get back together, Aesha quickly said no.

“No, he wants to live in Liverpool, I want to live in New Zealand. I wish him all the best. I certainly love him.”

Do you think Jack Stirrup will regret messing up his relationship with Aesha Scott? Should Aesha return for Below Deck Mediterranean season 5 to try to find love again?

‘Below Deck Med’ Aesha Scott Gives Jack Stirrup Relationship Update

Are Aesha Scott and Jack Stirrup still together? Since Below Deck Mediterranean season 4 started airing, viewers have watched Aesha and Jack have a very flirtatious relationship with one another. They seem to compliment one another very well, with both being very fun-loving and having a great sense of humor. Then on last night’s episode, it finally happened: Jack asked Aesha to be his girlfriend, complete with rapping, champagne, a huge sign and his shirtless body. Aesha, visibly touched by Jack’s girlfriend proposal, said yes.

Unfortunately for those hoping to see a continuation of Aesha and Jack’s romance, Aesha revealed on an Instagram story shortly after the episode aired that she and Jack are no longer boyfriend and girlfriend.

“For some who haven’t heard, I didn’t want to burst your bubble but yes, we are no longer together. I’m so sorry to the world. Because I know you all really wanted us to be.”

Aesha didn’t give the exact reason for the breakup but pretty much revealed that she and Jack weren’t on the same page in terms of location.

“For things that are personal between Jack and I. But you know what? It’s truly for the best. Because I want to go home and start my life in New Zealand. And he wants to be over in Europe and he’s got all of his life in London…When you’re in yachting you are in such a bubble. And then you leave and you get into your real life. And you kind of have to think about the logistics of everything and it always changes when you leave a boat. It always changes.”

Though the romance didn’t last, Aesha assures viewers that it was real.

“It wasn’t meant to be. But rest assured, we can both genuinely say it wasn’t for screen time. We both genuinely cared about each other and it was all real in the moment.”

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Aesha also made sure that to let everyone know that she still thinks Jack is wonderful and that they remain friends.

“He is a wonderful man and a great match for my playful humor which made it an even more fun experience! Don’t worry there is absolutely no hard feelings there. Nothing but love and good memories!”

Are you surprised that Aesha Scott and Jack Stirrup’s Below Deck Mediterranean romance didn’t last?


Brooke Laughton Blasts Joao Franco’s Claim That She Cheated On Him

Did Brooke Laughton really cheat on Joao Franco? After Below Deck Mediterranean season 4 premiered on Monday night, Brooke went on Instagram to blast Joao’s claim that she cheated on him.

On last season’s Below Deck Med, Joao was the bad boy who seemed destined to break Brooke’s heart. Despite warnings from their cast mates and skepticism from the general public, Brooke followed her heart and embarked on a relationship with Joao. For a time, it seemed that the two were proving all their critics wrong, continuing their relationship off-camera after the season ended.

Yet on the season 4 premiere, Joao, who returned for another season alongside Colin Macy-O’Toole and Hannah Ferrier, said that his relationship with Brooke ended because she cheated on him.

Regarding Brooke, Joao said that they  had a serious relationship and they had even met one anther’s families. But then Brooke cheated and didn’t want to work on the relationship.

“Things seemed perfect but I found out she cheated on me…I really really loved her. I really wanted it to work but even so, she didn’t want to, so what can I do?”

After the episode aired, Brooke posted a risque photo of herself and captioned it “Sassy.”

She was definitely sassy in her responses to viewers who questioned her about Joao claim that she cheated. Brooke blasted Joao as someone who’s “not a good person from the core” and quipped that while she didn’t cheat on him, she should have.

“wolfnan99: Who knew you’d turn out to be a cheater!!??

brookelaughton: Consider your source…”

“rezzboy45: But really did you cheat on him or nah.

brookelaughton: @rezzboy45 I should have, but no”

“joddlelynn: @brookelaughton Why did you guys break up?

brookelaughton: @joddlelynn because he is not a good person from the core..”

Joao has since moved on to another love.

Do you really think Brooke Laughton cheated on Joao Franco? Do you think Joao’s new relationship will last?


Kate Chastain Goes After Former Chief Stew After She Insults Captain Lee Rosbach

Anyone who insults Captain Lee Rosbach better be prepared for the wrath of Kate Chastain! On Wednesday, Kate served some major shade to her predecessor on Below Deck after she dared insult Captain Lee.

As the latest episode aired, Adrienne Gang, who was the chief stew before Kate replaced her, tweeted some insults towards Captain Lee. She wrote that the captain spends more time on social media than being a real captain and that he needs to stay in his own lane and away from her family. Adrienne even called Captain Lee Captain Crunch.

Kate was quick to blast Adrienne’s tweet as inappropriate, pointing out that she’s actually not related to anyone on the current cast. Kate also called Adrienne a “troll.”

Kate further explained that Adrienne is friends with bosun Chandler. Kate gave her opinion that Adrienne is now exaggerating their friendship in order to get some attention for herself.

So far, Captain Lee has yet to respond to Adrienne’s insults.

Bosun Chandler isn’t the only person in the Below Deck world that Adrienne Gang is friends with. Deckhand Bobby Giancola, from the first two seasons of Below Deck Mediterranean, was just on a charter with Adrienne. Perhaps one day, Adrienne will appear back on the show, under Kate Chastain and Captain Lee Rosbach’s commands? Now there’s some guaranteed drama!

Brooke Laughton On Joao Franco Possibly Being a Narcissist

Is Joao Franco a narcissist? It seems that Brooke Laughton is now entertaining the idea that Joao is indeed one.

After the Below Deck Mediterranean season 3 reunion aired on Wednesday night, many viewers took to social media to warn Brooke Laughton to never get back with Joao again. During the reunion show, Brooke revealed that she and Joao had remained in a relationship for several months after filming ended. Yet during their relationship, Joao had continued to flirt with cast mate Kasey Cohen and lied about it. Despite Joao’s proclamation that he still loves Brooke and Kasey telling Brooke that her communications with Joao didn’t mean anything, Brooke made the decision to definitively end the relationship. Joao seemed so broken up over losing Brooke that he broke down in tears and left the stage for a bit.

On Instagram, there were some people who told Brooke to give Joao another chance. Yet there were many more who told her to stay away. One person gave her opinion that Joao is a narcissist.

“rashaver1: @alicehigh5 please go look up the signs of narcissism. Joao is a textbook narcissist who uses his personal abuse as an excuse— he love bombs (grand gestures) and uses triangulations as bait for trapping empathetic women like Brooke. This is a HUGE PSA for women everywhere to learn about this terrible plague in our society. It ruins people’s lives. Brooke should never speak to this guy again.”
The viewer continued pointing out how Joao fits the textbook description of a narcissist.
“rashaver1: @mariam_wana I fell for this s**t for two years with my ex. He went to men’s groups, anger management, therapy and convinced me he’d changed. He pulled me back in and I caught him with another woman after I got home from a vacation he last minute bailed on. He was test driving the new bait. I wasted two precious years of my mid 30s on this person who promised me marriage and babies and dreams. Don’t waste another second. Any of you women reading this. Don’t make this mistake. Know the warning signs. Love bombing. Pointing to childhood abuse as their ‘reason.’ Triangulation. Secretive. Snaps at the smallest differences. Read up. Don’t fall for it.”
Brooke actually responded. She said that she never knew what it meant to be a narcissist but that now after researching it, her mind is blown away.
“brookelaughton: @rashaver1 Jesus, I never actually knew what it meant to be a narcissist before now. Just researched it and it’s pretty mind blowing 😮”
As for whether she will be giving Joao Franco another chance, it seems that is a strong “no.” Ahead of the Below Deck Mediterranean reunion airing, Brooke Laughton wrote on Instagram that she’s excited for the next chapter of her life. She also indicated that she holds no ill feelings towards Joao or Kasey Cohen by stating that she “hold[s] no grudges.”


Hannah Ferrier Confirms Whether She And Conrad Empson Are Still Together

Are Below Deck Mediterranean stars Hannah Ferrier and Conrad Empson still together? The two struck an unlikely romance early on while filming season 3 but the latest episode showed them breaking up after arguing over 50 euros.

During a night out in town, Hannah became furious after Conrad reminded her about 50 euros that she owed him for cigarettes. Hannah obviously doesn’t believe that a man should ask his girlfriend or even someone he’s just dating to pay him back 50 euros for cigarettes. Yet Conrad didn’t understand why Hannah was so mad and thought that she was overreacting. Hannah bragged about all the things rich men have bought for her in the past and basically admitted that she’s with rich men sometimes for the lifestyle they can provide her. Put off by her behavior, Conrad promptly dumped her. Yet in the preview for next week’s episode, Conrad is shown asking Hannah if they can reconcile, to which Hannah admits that she’s not sure they can.

After the airing of the latest episode on Tuesday night, Hannah appeared on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live alongside co-stars Kasey Cohen and Jamie Jason. During the after show portion, Hannah revealed whether she and Conrad are still together. A viewer called in and asked Hannah, Kasey and Jamie if any of them are currently in a serious relationship. After some hesitation, Hannah admitted that she’s not.

“No,” she said.

Kasey also said that she’s not while Jamie smilingly revealed that, unlike her two co-stars sitting besides her, she was.

Hannah didn’t criticize Conrad for the end of their relationship however. Earlier in the show, she outright admitted that she overreacted to Conrad asking her for the 50 euros.

“I one hundred percent overreacted.”
Hannah went on to admit that she took out her stress and anxiety on Conrad.
“I think sometimes when you’re going through stress, anxiety, and things like that you tend to take it out on the person that’s closest to you.”
While Conrad was smitten with Hannah, he isn’t sad over the split. In an interview with Bravo, Conrad gave his assessment of what happened with Hannah.
“In my eyes, I’d never choose money over happiness ever, and for the way she reacted to that, I’d say her priorities are completely different to mine…In my eyes, if you owe someone money, you owe them money, no matter if you’re girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever, everything is equal and should be split. She had a different opinion on that one…I get it if you’re getting a gift for someone but it was the arrangement from the outset that I would buy it for her and she would give me the money back. I’m not tight at all, but if you say something you’re gonna do it.”
As for Hannah basically admitting that she’s sometimes with men because of their money, Conrad had this to say:
“The fact that she completely put it out there that she is with guys for their money sometimes, shocked me. And the fact that she had the bollocks to say it out loud, was pretty impressive to say the least. I’ve got my own set of morals, I don’t know about anyone else, but it kind of shocked me.”
Will Conrad Empson and Hannah Ferrier have another big blowup when they gather to film the Below Deck Mediterranean season 3 reunion show? Or will they keep it civil? What do you think?

Joao Franco On Being With Brooke Laughton

On the latest Below Deck Mediterranean episodes, Joao Franco seemed to finally make up his mind between Brooke Laughton and Kasey Cohen, deciding to go with Brooke instead of Kasey. On Tuesday night, Joao and his co-star Colin Macy-O’Toole appeared on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live. Not surprisingly, the love triangle between Joao, Brooke and Kasey was a big topic of discussion, as was Colin’s unrequited love for  Brooke.
When Andy asked Joao what made him choose Brooke over Kasey, Joao initially blurted out that he still doesn’t know what attracted him to Brooke over Kasey.
“I don’t know. I still don’t know.”
Gee, that wasn’t exactly a love declaration for Brooke now was it? Even Andy was surprised. “Really?” he asked shockingly.
Joao, realizing his mistake, then elaborated that he always wanted to be with someone serious and so when Brooke opened up to him, he made up his mind.
“It got to a point where as soon as Brooke opened up… I always had in my mind that I want to be with someone serious if I were to be with anyone and when Brooke opened up eventually, that was my mind made.”

As for why Colin didn’t speak up to Brooke regarding his feelings for her, Colin admitted that he didn’t think there was much potential for a real relationship in real life.

“I don’t know. I think I was too…I can’t even keep a relationship with a girl the next town over from me. She lives in England, so how was that going to work out? Just thinking long term.”

When Andy asked Colin if he thinks he would have won out over Joao if he had actually told Brooke his feelings for her, Colin pretty much said that she would have gone for any man who paid her any attention.

“I don’t know because I think a pencil could have said something to her and she would have dated that pencil.”

Are Joao and Brooke still together?

About two weeks ago, in response to a Below Deck Mediterranean viewer who had left a comment on one of his photos saying that Brooke looked great in her swimsuit in the latest episode and that she’s Team Brooke, Joao replied that he’s always Team Brooke.
“lizlegene: Brooke rocked that one-piece; Classy ♥️⭐️ #teambrooke”
“joaograntfranco: @lizlegene always #teambrooke 😉”
In the comments of another photo he posted, promoting his and Colin’s WWHL appearance, Joao said that Brooke couldn’t come to support him at his WWHL appearance because of work.
“joaograntfranco: @napolitanovielot brooke’s working and so is my brother otherwise they would have come:( my sister is in school:/ tough being so far away from everyone”
While it’s unclear whether Joao Franco and Brooke Laughton are still in a relationship together, it’s clear that they still have affection for one another. When Brooke posted a photo of herself about a week ago, Joao, who frequently comments on Brooke’s photos, left a comment calling her the most beautiful princess.
“joaograntfranco: The most beautiful Princess 👑❤️”

Conrad Empson On His Relationship With Hannah Ferrier; Did It Survive ‘Below Deck Mediterranean?

Did Conrad Empson and Hannah Ferrier take their romance off the boat or did was it just another Below Deck Mediterranean fling? If they did actually continue dating after filming for Below Deck Mediterranean season 3 ended, how long did it last or are they in fact still together? Conrad gave some clues to those questions when he appeared on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday night.

When Andy asked Conrad why he likes Hannah, Conrad said that Hannah’s simply fun. Conrad maintains that there’s a different side to Hannah, who is often portrayed as aggressive, combative, boy crazy and, frankly, drunk, than what’s shown on the show.

“I saw a different side to her than we see on the show. She was just funny, bubbly, and wants to have fun.”

A viewer got straight to the point by asking Conrad if his relationship with Hannah is authentic or if it happened simply out of desperation.

“Do you think your relationship with Hannah is authentic or is it simply because you have limited options at sea?”

Conrad said that they “genuinely really liked each other.” Guess that means the romance didn’t go from water to land!

“We genuinely really liked each other when we got on board.”

Conrad also pretty much said that he wasn’t as infatuated with Hannah as Adam Glick was with Malia White last season.

“Do you agree with Adam that Hannah is distracted with you the same way that he was with Malia?” a viewer asked. Conrad said his work may have suffered not because of any infatuation but simply because he was tired.

“No, if I’m honest. You do a lot of hours on a boat and I think you’re more tired than anything. I don’t think I was distracted by Hannah. I was just…tired.”

Judging by Hannah Ferrier’s and Conrad Empson’s social media pages, it really does seem as if they’re just friends and not a romantic couple. While the romance seems to have been short-lived, Hannah is still defending herself against criticism that she was too old for Conrad.

Adam Glick Confesses That He Would Hook Up With ‘Below Deck’ Alum Raquel ‘Rocky’ Dakota

During Adam Glick’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday night, alongside his Below Deck Mediterranean co-star Hannah Ferrier, he maintained that he was completely over his season 2 love interest Malia White and would not get with her if she came back to him. So who would he get together with now? Surprisingly, it’s Raquel “Rocky” Dakota from season 3 of Below Deck!

During the after show, a viewer called in and asked Adam and Hannah which show alum they would hook up with. Hannah jokingly pointed to Below Deck‘s chief stew Kate Chastain, with whom she’s friends with and was sitting in the audience. When Andy Cohen asked Adam for who he would go with, he said Rocky.

“I’d go Rocky.”

As Andy expressed his surprise, the audience let out a collective gasp. Andy then asked for reminder on which one was Rocky, to which Hannah chimed in that she was one who jumped overboard. Adam piped up that he found Rocky to have been the only sane one

“Probably only the sane person that’s ever been on that boat, to have swum the shore.”

Kate, who feuded with Rocky during that season, quickly reminded everyone that there was no shore when Rocky jumped overboard.

Need a quick reminder on Rocky? She was the Below Deck season 3 stew who frequently complained about the work she had to do, butted heads with Kate and who looked up towards the sky during her confessional. She also hooked up with bosun Eddie Lucas more than once, despite the fact that he had a girlfriend back home. Rocky had a sort of redemption on the finale episode when Eddie, who had denied to everyone that he had sex with Rocky, finally admitted the truth, including to Captain Lee Rosbach.

During another portion of WWHL, Adam said that he didn’t have any feelings for Malia White, that he tried to keep in touch with Wesley Walton to no avail and that he believes that Malia and Wesley are still together. Are they? Take a look here.

Unfortunately for Adam Glick, a hook up with Raquel “Rocky” Dakota doesn’t seem to be in the cards. A quick glimpse of her Instagram page shows that she’s very happy being in a relationship with a Mark.

Bobby Giancola On Charter With ‘Below Deck’ Alum, Hangs With Malia White And Wesley Walton

When Below Deck Mediterranean season 3 premiered on Tuesday night, one person many viewers were disappointed to not see was Bobby Giancola, the deckhand who played a big role in the drama, romantic pursuits and humorous antics of the prior two seasons. Yet while viewers won’t be seeing him on the yacht Talisman with captain Sandy Yawn and chief stew Hannah Ferrier this season, he’s still very much in the yachting game. In fact, he just set sail with a Below Deck alum: season 1’s chief stew Adrienne Gang.

Bobby posted this photo of himself with Adrienne and two other crew members on a yacht in the Bahamas. He’ll be working there for two weeks.

After Below Deck Mediterranean season 2 finished, Bobby worked on getting a captain’s license. His mentor and trainor was none other than Below Deck alum Aleks Taldykin. Bobby worked for Aleks’ company, Elite Yacht Management in California, for a bit of time. In March, Bobby got his certification.

Bobby is also still championing the reality show. The day of the season 3 premiere, he posted a throwback photo from season 2 and reminded everyone to watch the new season.

As for whether it was Bobby’s decision to not be on season 3, it seems that it wasn’t. In the comments section of another photo that he posted, a photo that showed season 2 couple Malia White and Wesley Walton, Bobby told a viewer that “unfortunately” he’s not on this season. It also seems that he’s open to coming back. In response to another viewer who said that Bravo needs to put Bobby back on the show, he told her to “spread the word.”


“splrtash: All the cuteness ❤️, are you officially in next season?”

“bgcola28: @splrtash unfortunately no I’m not on this season”

“maheath104: @bgcola28 Bravo needs to put u back on!! You r awesome.”

“bgcola28: @maheath104 spread the word!”

Perhaps Bobby Giancola will be on Below Deck Mediterranean season 4 or do a cross over to the original Below Deck?