‘Below Deck’ Abbi Murphy’s Relationship Update With Patrik

On Monday night’s episode of Below Deck season 7, Abbi Murphy, unhappy with how the yachting was going, abruptly quit. Her decision to quit seemed almost as impulsive as her prior decision to get engaged to her long-distance boyfriend Patrik, which viewers saw play out via text message.

So where is Abbi now? Is she happy she left? Did she actually get married to Patrik and are they still together?

Thankfully, Abbi provided a relationship update via her Instagram page about a week ago. She posted a photo of herself and Patrik after having just gotten married. Abbi proclaimed that she and Patrik are now “happy, sailing, living in Greece.”

In an interview with Bravo.com, Abbi provided more details about her wedding day.

“Neither of us really has much money, and my dad, it’s not like he has much money either or, you know, somebody would fund the wedding. So, we just figured, why not do it this way? It’s easier, less stress, and then we’ll have, you know, friends and family over for a big party, open house type thing. So we went for that option, and it was the best option, I would say. It was so stress-free and wonderful and meaningful.”

As for the lack of an engagement or wedding ring, Abbi said that’s not important to her.

“But working on the boat, it never really seemed, I mean, smart to get a really nice ring because we would just lose them or ruin them or something. So, we just kinda settled for no rings. So, at this point, we have no ring. We tried. For me, spending money on an object like a ring seems kind of pointless because we could spend it on maybe like a trip or a night out, you know?”

After a busy season of sailing charters as a first mate to Patrik, who works as the skipper, Abbi and Patrik are now enjoying some downtime.

“It’s busy when it’s busy. Like, during the seven months of chartering or six months of chartering, it’s like nonstop all the time, but then when you stop, it’s like, right now, I have nothing to do. Like, I literally just eat and I go on my phone and I watch TV shows. Like, me and Patrik watch probably 10 different TV shows that we actually keep up with. I think the fact that we have that much time is pretty sad. So, right now, it’s not so exciting.”

In her interview with Bravo.com, Abbi also explained why she left the show.

“I decided to leave, I would say, for a couple reasons. I wasn’t very comfortable in the situation. I felt like I wasn’t myself in the situation, and, for me, when I feel like I’m defeated by my environment, I wanna excuse myself from it. I know that I made a commitment and it was very hard for me to walk out of that commitment, but I think it was best for myself and it was best for my future — even with my future marriage — that I left.”

Were you disappointed to see Abbi Murphy leave Below Deck? Do you think she made the right decision to leave and get married to Patrik?

Ashton Pienaar And Laura Betancourt On Being In A Relationship Together

On the Below Deck season 6 finale, Ashton Pienaar and Laura Betancourt left the charter season together. Unfortunately, those hoping to see a romantic relationship between the two of them were disappointed when they later revealed on the reunion show that they aren’t together. On the reunion show, which aired Tuesday night, Ashton and Laura said that they’re just good friends. Yet disappointingly, neither Ashton nor Laura explained what went wrong for them and host Andy Cohen didn’t push for an answer either.

Thankfully, there is an explanation provided on BravoTV.com. During an After Show interview, posted on BravoTV.com after the reunion show aired, Ashton explained that a relationship with Laura never got off the ground simply because of logistics.

“Laura’s a cool chick. I think we’ve got a bit in common, um, in terms of where we are in our lives. She’s just a cool girl to kind of talk to and bounce things off of…Lauren’s a fun girl…but we live in two different countries in opposite sides of the world.”

Teasingly, Ashton said that there’s a possibility that he and Laura may become an item in the future.

“We don’t know where we’ll be in the next few months so…but if I ever ended up in Canada and she ever ended up in South Africa, I’m pretty sure we would, well I don’t know, I’m not sure, it’s hard to say. Is she somebody I could settle down with one day? Probably. If circumstances were different and we could try, give it a shot, would I? Probably.”

Laura, however, seemed less enthused about the idea. When asked if she sees a romantic future with Ashton, Laura hesitated and said she’s not sure.

“Hmmm…I dunno. I dunno…[Laughs] I think with relationships, they should be super passionate from the get go and I think because we’ve had this time apart, it would be hard to kind of get back and also we live very far from each other and so I don’t think…”

Why Ashton and Laura aren’t together, Ashton did share during his Watch What Happens Live appearance a few weeks back that he’s dating someone.

Perhaps Ashton Pienaar and Laura Betancourt will return for Below Deck season 7 and hit it off again? What do you think? Would they make a good couple?

‘Below Deck’ Ashton Pienaar Reveals Current Relationship Status And What Really Happened With Laura Betancourt

Will viewers watch Ashton Pienaar leave the charter season hand in hand with Laura Betancourt? Apparently not.

During the episode, Laura was shown spending the night with Ashton. Upon going back to her room in the morning, Laura immediately told her roommate that she and Ashton didn’t hook up. Ashton, meanwhile, seemed to joke with his roommate that he and Laura did more than cuddling.

On a Below Deck After Show episode posted on BravoTV.com, Laura reiterated, somewhat unconvincingly, that she and Ashton didn’t “hook up.”

“Yeah no we didn’t hook up,” Laura said, before breaking out in a smile.

Yet Ashton, during his interview, joked that he and Laura didn’t just cuddle during the night.

“South Africans don’t do things half-heartedly. Your mouth cuddling, you know, we could turn the heat up on cuddling.”

Yet Ashton is now cuddling with someone else. During his appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live about three weeks ago, when asked if he has a girlfriend, Ashton revealed that he’s currently seeing a special lady named Stephanie. While Ashton added that they’re not exclusive yet, it was clear that he’s very happy with her.

“Um there is a special someone that I’m, that I’m kinda, Stephanie’s come into my life. She’s, she’s pretty awesome. But there’s nothing official yet.”

Are you loving Ashton Pienaar on Below Deck? Given his love of sex, do you think he can remain sexually faithful to anyone?

‘Below Deck’ Alum Nico Scholly Now Happy In Love After Leaving Yatching Life

While Nico Scholly was on Below Deck seasons 4 and 5 as a deckhand besides Captain Lee Rosbach and chief stew Kate Chastain, he didn’t come back for the current sixth season. Nor, it seems, will he return for any future of the hit show.

Back in July, Nico announced that he has left the yachting world and life. Nico admitted that leaving meant giving up some great things like traveling the world but that it also meant leaving behind some “toxicity.” As for what he’s doing now, he didn’t specify but did say that he couldn’t be any happier with his life in Chicago right now.

And a big part of Nico’s happiness is being in a “great and positive” relationship. Check out his photo of him and his girlfriend, Briana.

Nico’s love life was of big interest on Below Deck season 5, due to his fling with second stew Brianna Adekeye despite having a girlfriend, Melissa, back home in Chicago. When the season began, Nico said that he and Melissa were living together. As the season continued and everyone saw his flirtation and subsequent physical relationship with Brianna happen, Nico admitted that his relationship with Melissa was taking a hit. Then, when the season finished airing, Nico revealed that his relationship with Melissa was over.

Lets hope Nico will remain faithful to his current love Briana!

Do you miss Nico Scholly on Below Deck?

Kate Chastain Goes After Former Chief Stew After She Insults Captain Lee Rosbach

Anyone who insults Captain Lee Rosbach better be prepared for the wrath of Kate Chastain! On Wednesday, Kate served some major shade to her predecessor on Below Deck after she dared insult Captain Lee.

As the latest episode aired, Adrienne Gang, who was the chief stew before Kate replaced her, tweeted some insults towards Captain Lee. She wrote that the captain spends more time on social media than being a real captain and that he needs to stay in his own lane and away from her family. Adrienne even called Captain Lee Captain Crunch.

Kate was quick to blast Adrienne’s tweet as inappropriate, pointing out that she’s actually not related to anyone on the current cast. Kate also called Adrienne a “troll.”

Kate further explained that Adrienne is friends with bosun Chandler. Kate gave her opinion that Adrienne is now exaggerating their friendship in order to get some attention for herself.

So far, Captain Lee has yet to respond to Adrienne’s insults.

Bosun Chandler isn’t the only person in the Below Deck world that Adrienne Gang is friends with. Deckhand Bobby Giancola, from the first two seasons of Below Deck Mediterranean, was just on a charter with Adrienne. Perhaps one day, Adrienne will appear back on the show, under Kate Chastain and Captain Lee Rosbach’s commands? Now there’s some guaranteed drama!

Adam Glick Confesses That He Would Hook Up With ‘Below Deck’ Alum Raquel ‘Rocky’ Dakota

During Adam Glick’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday night, alongside his Below Deck Mediterranean co-star Hannah Ferrier, he maintained that he was completely over his season 2 love interest Malia White and would not get with her if she came back to him. So who would he get together with now? Surprisingly, it’s Raquel “Rocky” Dakota from season 3 of Below Deck!

During the after show, a viewer called in and asked Adam and Hannah which show alum they would hook up with. Hannah jokingly pointed to Below Deck‘s chief stew Kate Chastain, with whom she’s friends with and was sitting in the audience. When Andy Cohen asked Adam for who he would go with, he said Rocky.

“I’d go Rocky.”

As Andy expressed his surprise, the audience let out a collective gasp. Andy then asked for reminder on which one was Rocky, to which Hannah chimed in that she was one who jumped overboard. Adam piped up that he found Rocky to have been the only sane one

“Probably only the sane person that’s ever been on that boat, to have swum the shore.”

Kate, who feuded with Rocky during that season, quickly reminded everyone that there was no shore when Rocky jumped overboard.

Need a quick reminder on Rocky? She was the Below Deck season 3 stew who frequently complained about the work she had to do, butted heads with Kate and who looked up towards the sky during her confessional. She also hooked up with bosun Eddie Lucas more than once, despite the fact that he had a girlfriend back home. Rocky had a sort of redemption on the finale episode when Eddie, who had denied to everyone that he had sex with Rocky, finally admitted the truth, including to Captain Lee Rosbach.

During another portion of WWHL, Adam said that he didn’t have any feelings for Malia White, that he tried to keep in touch with Wesley Walton to no avail and that he believes that Malia and Wesley are still together. Are they? Take a look here.

Unfortunately for Adam Glick, a hook up with Raquel “Rocky” Dakota doesn’t seem to be in the cards. A quick glimpse of her Instagram page shows that she’s very happy being in a relationship with a Mark.

Bobby Giancola On Charter With ‘Below Deck’ Alum, Hangs With Malia White And Wesley Walton

When Below Deck Mediterranean season 3 premiered on Tuesday night, one person many viewers were disappointed to not see was Bobby Giancola, the deckhand who played a big role in the drama, romantic pursuits and humorous antics of the prior two seasons. Yet while viewers won’t be seeing him on the yacht Talisman with captain Sandy Yawn and chief stew Hannah Ferrier this season, he’s still very much in the yachting game. In fact, he just set sail with a Below Deck alum: season 1’s chief stew Adrienne Gang.

Bobby posted this photo of himself with Adrienne and two other crew members on a yacht in the Bahamas. He’ll be working there for two weeks.

After Below Deck Mediterranean season 2 finished, Bobby worked on getting a captain’s license. His mentor and trainor was none other than Below Deck alum Aleks Taldykin. Bobby worked for Aleks’ company, Elite Yacht Management in California, for a bit of time. In March, Bobby got his certification.

Bobby is also still championing the reality show. The day of the season 3 premiere, he posted a throwback photo from season 2 and reminded everyone to watch the new season.

As for whether it was Bobby’s decision to not be on season 3, it seems that it wasn’t. In the comments section of another photo that he posted, a photo that showed season 2 couple Malia White and Wesley Walton, Bobby told a viewer that “unfortunately” he’s not on this season. It also seems that he’s open to coming back. In response to another viewer who said that Bravo needs to put Bobby back on the show, he told her to “spread the word.”


“splrtash: All the cuteness ❤️, are you officially in next season?”

“bgcola28: @splrtash unfortunately no I’m not on this season”

“maheath104: @bgcola28 Bravo needs to put u back on!! You r awesome.”

“bgcola28: @maheath104 spread the word!”

Perhaps Bobby Giancola will be on Below Deck Mediterranean season 4 or do a cross over to the original Below Deck?