Danni Baird on Kathryn Dennis’ and Madison LeCroy’s Friendship

On the current season of Southern Charm, Austen Kroll’s on-again, off-again girlfriend, Madison LeCroy, has caused quite some ruckus. The biggest one surely was when she, during an argument with Shep Rose, blurted out that she heard that Shep had given Danni Baird chlamydia when they dated years ago. Madison later claimed that Austen was the one who told her that. Both Shep and Danni quickly denied the claim, while Austen blew up at Madison for opening her mouth.

After the dust settled a bit, Madison sought out Kathryn Dennis’ advice on apologizing to Danni. Kathryn, despite being one of Danni’s best friends, didn’t outright ostracize Madison for what she did to Danni. In fact, Kathryn and Madison actually bonded with one another and shared some laughs.

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So what does Danni think of Kathryn being friends with Madison? True to her ever rational persona, Danni said that Kathryn’s friendship with Madison doesn’t bother her. In an interview for the Southern Charm After Show, Danni, sitting alongside Kathryn, said that she doesn’t care if Kathryn is friends with Madison.

“I don’t care if she’s friends with Madison. She can identify with Madison in a totally different way than my association with her….doesn’t affect our relationship.”

Kathryn pointed out that Madison seemed to have genuine remorse for what she did to Danni. Kathryn also pointed out that she has, in the past, blurted out things in anger and exhibited crazy behavior.

Kathryn did admit, however, that she’s still getting to know Madison and that she finds people who “just throw s**t out in the air and see what sticks” dangerous. She also maintained that “Danni’s [her] best friend, always.”

In a recent interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Danni again denied that Shep gave her chlamydia when they were dating and blasted Madison for spreading such a rumor. Danni also made it clear that she has no problems with Kathryn being friends with Madison.

“I have no problems with them hanging out. I really don’t care. I’ve always been really protective of Kathryn, and I’m a little bit fearful that she’s put herself in a really dangerous situation by befriending her on any further level than they are right now. Right now it’s very surface, but time will tell. We’ll see,” she said. “Kathryn, she’s my ride or die, so I’m not too concerned about that.”

Danni Baird Shows Proof That Austen Kroll’s GF Madison LeCroy Was Hitting On Her BF Gentry

*Update: See Danni’s tweet at the bottom of the article for an update regarding her relationship with Gentry. Plus, Gentry speaks!

Madison LeCroy really trying to get with Danni Baird’s boyfriend, Gentry Todd, despite the fact that she was already in a relationship with Austen Kroll? According to Danni, Madison really did try to steal her man behind Austen’s back.

After the latest Southern Charm episode aired, in which Craig Conover and and Shep Rose warned Austen about what Madison did, Danni outed Madison on Instagram. Danni made it clear that she was having none of Madison’s denial by posting a snapshot of the text that Craig and Shep warned Austen about.

Danni also warned Madison that she’s not one to mess with a snappy caption.

“Hereโ€™s the deal…. Was trying to be a girls girl… but if you wanna play that game…”

Skeptics however may point out that the snapshot really just proves that Madison’s friend sent that text but doesn’t definitely prove that Madison actually wanted to cheat on Austen with Gentry. Maybe Madison made an innocent comment about how attractive Gentry was and Madison’s friend took it too far? Or perhaps this friend, for whatever reason, was trying to stir up drama and/or break up Madison and Austen. According to Madison, she wasn’t actually trying to cheat on Austen.

It’s unclear whether Madison and Austen are even still together, especially since Austen recently put Madison on blast on Twitter after her appearance on Watch What Happens Live. Poor Madison, she’s just getting hit from left and right. It’s also unclear if Danni is still together with this Gentry, since her social media pages show no traces of him.

Do you think Madison LeCroy is good for Austen Kroll? Would you be afraid to be on the wrong side of Danni Baird?

Update: Nope, Danni and Gentry aren’t together.

And here’s Gentry Todd’s side of the story:


Austen Kroll Blasts Madison LeCroy After She Admits On ‘WWHL’ That She Cheated In Retaliation

Will Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy’s relationship last until the end of Southern Charm season 6? Judging by Austen’s latest tweet about the hairstylist, perhaps they’ve even broken up already but are keeping it under wraps?!

The premiere of season 6 showed Austen in a new relationship with Madison, a hairstylist who is friends with Naomie Olindo and Patricia Altschul. Yet drama was quickly introduced, in the form of a secret video that presumably showed Austen cheating on Madison with not one but two women. The video, apparently planted by one of the women, showed Madison angrily confronting Austen and the two women. They all denied that they had sexual relations.

On Wednesday night’s Watch What Happens Live, Madison, who was in the audience, said that she believes that Austen definitely cheated on her with those women. Madison also said that she then cheated on Austen in retaliation and that she told Austen about what she did.

“Yes I did [cheat and tell Austen]. I said, ‘Well it looks like to me, like um, hall pass, like I can do whatever…'”

Yet according to Austen, Madison did not.

Well publicly blasting one’s girlfriend on national TV doesn’t bode well for the relationship does it?

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So far, both Austen and Madison are still posting photos of one another on their Instagram accounts and they haven’t specifically said whether they’re actually still in a relationship together. Most likely, they’ll keep the status of their relationship under wraps until the end of this Southern Charm season.

Do you think Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy are a good match?